December 05, 2021

Woman Questions the Reason for Her Mother-in-Law's Absence at Her Wedding

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A woman took it to Reddit after meeting her mother-in-law at a family dinner and asking her why she didn't attend her wedding. The reply made caught everyone's attention and stirred an argument amongst the family members.

The woman revealed that she was surprised not to see her mother-in-law at her wedding event because she had informed her about the date nine months before.

She believed her mother-in-law could make it to the event but chose not to because of unknown reasons that she discovered at a family dinner.

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A Redditor named Fast_Performer_8908 revealed that her mother-in-law didn't attend her wedding because of work commitments. She explained:

"She is a cardiac surgeon, and I don't know exactly how her job works, but no one is on call 365 days a year."

Her mother-in-law's mother asked her why she didn't attend her son's wedding, to which she replied that she is always on-call and doesn't have time for attending events.

OP's mother-in-law didn't attend her wedding | Source: Unsplash


OP (Original Poster) revealed that her mother-in-law goes on vacation twice a year, so she didn't buy her excuse for not attending the wedding. 

OP's mother in law was furious after listening to her question.

However, she decided not to talk about it at her wedding because she felt weird. Luckily, another family member asked her MIL about it at a family dinner.

OP was at a family dinner with her mother-in-law when someone asked her why she couldn't attend the wedding | Source: Pexels


OP's mother-in-law repeated her excuse and told the family member that she was busy at work. They said they felt "awful" for her since her career didn't allow her to be there for her son on his big day. She replied:

"I knew what my job was when I signed up for it."

After OP's mother-in-law shrugged the question, no one thought about her absence at the wedding until her husband revealed they were going camping on the weekend. 

OP's father-in-law said they were going for camping | Source: Unsplash


OP looked at her father-in-law with surprise as he spoke about the camping location that was two hours away from their place. She explained:

"I asked how they were going camping two hours away if she is on call every single day of her life."

OP's mother-in-law was furious after listening to her question and asked her to "shut up" immediately. Other family members also started questioning the lady.

OP's mother-in-law told her to stay silent | Source: Unsplash


After watching her wife getting offended, OP's father-in-law told her that she was rude to her mother-in-law for asking unsuitable questions. 

OP felt she did the right thing until her mother-in-law messaged her the next day, asking why does OP "likes to embarrass her in front of other people."

OP read her mother-in-law's humiliating messages | Source: Unsplash


Feeling confused, OP posted her story on Reddit to ask other users if she did the right thing. Mr_Ham_Man80 replied, saying that OP's question was innocent. He explained:

"The fact that MIL's husband said "you shouldn't ask questions that you might not want the answers to" is pretty telling that there's a bigger fish in this pond of stories."

Other users also agreed that OP's mother-in-law was hiding something. YourMom_Infinity replied that OP's mother-in-law's defensive reaction showed there was something wrong. 

She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people if she was at fault | Source: Pexels


edwadokun guessed that OP's mother-in-law probably didn't apply for a leave beforehand, which is why she couldn't attend the wedding. They said that even if she was the best surgeon in town, that doesn't mean she doesn't get time off from her work.

Another Redditor named tacwombat pointed out that OP's mother-in-law had the time to go for a vacation, which meant that she must have referred some other surgeon to replace her for that time. They said she could have done the same for OP's wedding if she wanted to attend it. 

Most users agreed that OP wasn't at fault for asking a simple question at the family dinner. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a woman who caused the entire family to quarrel and cancel the thanksgiving dinner.