Dying Successful Lady Causes Family Rift After Leaving Her Entire Property to One Person

Rita Kumar
Dec 03, 2021
09:40 A.M.
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A terminally-ill woman sparked a rift in her family after opting to leave all her inheritance to one dear person, claiming he was the only one who deserved to enjoy her wealth while she was gone. 


A 30-year-old Redditor helplesshamiltonish revealed she was devastated after her diagnosis but mustered the courage to exclude her family from the will she was preparing.  

However, things took a turn when her parents and other siblings found out about her decision and rushed to convince her in their favor. 

OP prepared her will after learning she had a terminal illness. | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) dropped out of college and took up modeling. She started her business, invested in stocks, and made money young. She saved some money, owned a property and a couple of cars.

Since OP was single and childless, she wanted to hand over her fortune to someone who really deserved inheriting her hard-earned wealth. 

Growing up, she became very close with her twin brother. Like her, even he worked hard and paid through college without taking any help from their parents. However, her parents favored her other siblings, and she didn’t take it lightly. 

Growing up, OP was always close to her twin brother | Photo: Pexels


Her parents bought her siblings cars, funded their tuition, and gave them a good headstart to begin their adult lives.

OP’s sisters both had rocky relationships with their partners and even had children with them. Her parents always favored her sisters but never really considered their older children.

OP accepted their ways and saw no change in their attitude, and while everything seemed perfect, a recent diagnosis made her think differently. 

OP was aware about how her parents treated her differently | Photo: Pexels


“I got diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. It is inoperable, and I am going to die within six months,” OP stated.

Some people were curious to know how OP's family found out about the will in the first place.

She decided to leave her wealth to her twin brother and not give her other siblings a dime. The news of her diagnosis and the will she intended to prepare reached her parents and siblings.  

OP was diagnosed with a terminal illness and reached out to her lawyer | Photo: Pexels


They were furious and accused OP of favoritism. They branded her as a bad daughter, sister, and aunt, in an attempt to convince her out of her decision. 

Her family told her her parents and sisters’ children deserved her money for their future and that it was unfair on her part to give everything to her brother. 

Even her grandmother and aunt, whom she barely met, said she was selfish on social media. OP decided not to give in to their accusations and blocked them. She was confused and asked if she was wrong to exclude her family from the will.

OP was confused about excluding the rest of her family from the will | Photo: Pexels


“See a solicitor and make sure your will is incontestable. You don’t want your brother trying to mourn you while a bunch of vultures steals everything not nailed down in the will,” Redditor HavePlushieWillTalk suggested.  

User tacobelley agreed, saying they wanted to pin the person’s comment to make sure OP was of sound mind when she prepared the will.

“My family contested a will by saying our relative with brain cancer was not capable of making big decisions,” the person stated.

OP prepared her will and decided to give all her wealth to her twin brother | Photo: Pixabay


Some people were curious to know how OP’s family found out about the will in the first place.  OP responded, saying, “They know because I told them I was dying. I didn’t mention the will. But they kept asking, so I finally told them.”

In the end, OP told her brother she only wanted him to be there at her bedside during her final moments, and she never updated on Reddit again. 

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