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Comfort Omovre
Dec 08, 2021
05:40 P.M.
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A little girl performing at a song contest sees her long-lost father in the audience. She runs to him only to come to regret it.  


Stacy is a talented ten-year-old with a voice that melts hearts whenever she sings. The little girl is loved by many people, especially her mother, Jessica. 

The woman gave birth to the girl while she was with her father, Will, and she loved her so much, she did everything with her. The man she married and had Stacy with vanished when the girl was five years old.

Stacy was performing in front of an audience when she spotted her long-lost father in the crowd | Source: Shutterstock


Stacy could still remember when it happened; it had been a bright morning, a normal one. She was getting ready for school while her mom was running around trying to arrange her lunchbox. She was struggling with her socks when her father passed her room fully dressed. 

"Will, I know you have a lot of work waiting for you at the office, but can you drop Stacy off at school today? I have to go into town to meet Mr. Jameson about the ranger's deal," Stacy heard her mother say, but her father gave no response. He just kept walking. Tap, tap, tap, his steps went, then the door opened and closed, and he was gone. 

Her mother had not been worried at first; she simply assumed he would return. Stacy felt very uneasy, as though she knew something was up, but she had no idea what. 


The rest of that day was a dreadful one the little girl hated thinking about. It was the day her mother nearly lost her mind — the shock of her husband's sneaky act was a bit overwhelming for her. 

That day, Stacy, a usually bright girl, lost her spark, oftentimes blaming herself. For the next couple of years, the girl reserved her winning smile for her mother alone. 

The shock of her husband's sneaky act was a bit overwhelming for Jessica | Source: Pexels


Despite the resentment she felt towards her father, she still missed him terribly.  Her mother was in the same boat as well, but she pretended to be fine and stayed strong for her child. 

A couple of years later, Stacy enrolled in an art school to hone her budding musical talent. She loved to sing and was quite good at it. 

In her sophomore year, she entered a state song contest in a town 200 miles away from her location, and of course, her supportive mother went with her. 

Backstage, Stacy was rehearsing her performance as she waited for her turn alongside several other contestants. The girl right next to her had blonde hair with freckles all over her face and a gap-tooth that reminded her too much of her father. 


"Hi," the girl said, trying to make small talk. 

"Hello," Stacy replied cautiously. 

"I'm Kate, are you next?" she asked. 

"Yes, I am," Stacy said. "Are you nervous?" 

"Me? A bit. But I'll be okay, my dad is coming to cheer me on – my mom can't because she has to work, she's an event planner you know." At that point, Stacy lost interest in the conversation, but Kate kept rambling on before she took the cue to shut up. 

Stacy channeled her bitterness and sadness into her performance when she took the stage | Source: Pexels


Having been reminded of her father's absence, Stacy churned with bitterness and sadness, both emotions she channeled into her performance when she took the stage.  She sang with gusto, and her eyes raced across the sea of faces looking for her mother whom she knew would be cheering her on. 

Stacy scanned the crowd several times, but she was unable to locate her mom. She was about to give up when she spotted a familiar face. It belonged to her father.

She kept returning to that face, wondering if she was simply imagining his presence, until she realized, without a doubt, that it was him; even though he looked older, she could still recognize him. 


He was sitting among the crowd with flowers and a gift box, looking very confused. Unable to control herself, Stacy quickly overcame her initial shock, after which she threw the microphone away and ran to him, crying. 

"DADDY!!!! YOU CAME BACK!!!!!" she exclaimed as she hugged him and took the flowers he was holding. 

Her mother also emerged from the crowd and ran to him, hugging him with tears in her eyes. The drama quickly became the focus of everyone at the venue, and the spotlight remained trained on the trio. 

It was apparent even to Stacy that her father had chosen to leave them to be with a new family | Source: Pexels


Guests watched the reunion in silence, with some already reaching for their tissues when Stacy took the note Will had tucked into the bouquet and read it. 

"I love you so much, my dear daughter as I've never loved anyone before… For my best singing daughter - Kate!" Stacy froze then and quickly read the note again and again. The name clearly said Kate.

"Dad?" a nervous voice called out, and immediately the spotlight was on her. Stacy turned around and saw that the girl who had just called Will her father was the same one she had been speaking to backstage — Kate. 

It was apparent even to Stacy that her father had chosen to leave them to be with a new family. The man burst into tears and opened his mouth as if to say something, but after a while, he shut it again. 


In anger, Stacy hurled the bouquet of flowers to the ground and turned to walk away. "I'm sorry," Will said finally, halting the girl in her tracks. "But I made a choice." 

Several days later, Jessica received a phone call from a strange number | Source: Pexels


At that, Jessica gave him a resounding slap, then followed her daughter, and they left the scene. Several days later, Jessica received a phone call from a strange number. It was Stacy's voice teacher, and he had some advice for Jessica. 

"Your daughter has a brilliant voice," the man told her. "Moreover she is as beautiful as her mother which means she has potential to be a famous singer." 

It took some talking, but the man convinced Jessica to let him teach Stacy more. Soon, he was spending long hours in their home, and slowly he endeared himself to Jessica and her daughter. 

The man, whose name was Matthew, gradually fell in love with Jessica and after a few months of courtship, mother and daughter moved into his house. He treated them right, and Stacy was finally able to receive a true father's love.


As for Will, Kate returned home to tell her mom about what happened, and the woman was so upset he kept his previous family from her that she divorced him. Indeed, all's well that ends well. 

Many times Matthew would spend long hours in their home, and slowly he endeared himself to Jessica and her daughter | Source: Pexels



What did we gain from this story?

  • Karma always evens things up. Will broke Stacy and Jessica's hearts when he left the way he did, but he had a taste of his own medicine when his second wife decided to leave him too. Evil never goes unrewarded. 
  • There's always a silver lining. Stacy met her father and discovered his double life at the same time, and it broke her heart. However, the night was not a complete waste because it brought Jessica and Matthew together.

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