December 15, 2021

After Dinner with Mother, Son of Millionaire Says He Will Never Be Talking to Her Again

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A woman opened up about her imperfect relationship with her son and how the money her mother left for them as an inheritance affected this. 

The woman shared that her mother passed away when her son was 10. He had recently turned 18, which made her think about his share in the inheritance.

She also revealed how she parted ways with her son's father and what her son thinks about it. Her Reddit post didn't sit well with other Redditors, and they expressed their feelings in the comments section. 

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The Redditor confessed she didn't have the best relationship with her son and tried to mend it by having dinner with him at least once a week.

She explained everything was going well until the last time they went for dinner and she noticed a change in her son. She waited for her son to open the restaurant door for her, but a stranger opened it instead. She explained:

"At first I waited at the door and he was walking slow looking at his phone, I expected him to open the door for me."

She went to have dinner with her son | Source: Unsplash


After they went inside, her son started complaining about the ambiance. He felt the table placement was incorrect, and the seats were too uncomfortable. The woman ignored his requests to move and decided to have dinner at the same table they were seated in.

Her son also criticized her for taking money from her family, referring to her divorce.

She had planned to invite her son to her place after finishing their meals. However, things didn't go as planned. 

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The woman sensed that her son was not in a good mood, so she asked him to come to her place some other day before they silently sat in the car and drove to her son's home.

Thirty minutes later, OP (Original Poster) received a text message from her son saying he wouldn't ever talk to her again. He called her out for paying off her boyfriend's $30,000 debt and criticized her for taking money from her family, referring to her divorce.

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OP confessed she threw away the only prenup copy they had and ended up getting half of the money from her "millionaire" ex-husband. 

She felt that her ex-husband told their son everything to instill resentful feelings in his heart against her. She always told her children that they parted ways because their father was controlling.

OP's son blamed her for ruining his life because she married his father and then left him to get money. He also asked her to pay for his sister's college fees and buy her a house like his father bought one for him. 

Her son's messages made her realize what he felt about her | Source: Pexels


After reading her son's messages, OP felt she should withhold his inheritance money to teach him a lesson. She revealed that her mother left $100,000 each for her son and daughter. She also received the same amount as an inheritance.

She posted her story on Reddit and asked other users if she should withhold her son's inheritance money. cyfermax replied that OP was at fault for not giving her son his share. The user added:

"It sounds like you just admitted to fraud by destroying the prenup from his dad so it's not surprising he thinks you're an [expletive]."

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Another user named welptheheck reminded OP that she had no right over her son's inheritance money. The user also pointed out that OP thinks "the money will hold people hostage," which is why she refused to give her son the money and paid her boyfriend's debt. 



 tried to make OP see the situation from a different angle by


 she was disrespecting her mother's wishes by keeping her son from his share in the inheritance. 

Most users agreed that OP was at fault for not giving her son's money to him. They also felt she was making the wrong decisions in her life. 


Other users believed OP shouldn't withhold her son's money | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

If you were OP, would you keep your son's inheritance money to teach him a lesson?


Some people would say that it's wrong to keep someone's inheritance money, while others would argue that parents have the right to do such things if they intend to teach their children something beneficial. 

If you were OP's son, would you disrespect your mother and criticize her for what she did in the past? 

Parents get hurt when their children talk to them badly, but in this case, some people might agree that OP's son did the right thing by telling her how her actions affected his life. On the other hand, some people might feel that OP's son could have handled the situation better.

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