December 14, 2021

Drained Man Leaves Job and Asks Parents If He Could Move Back with Them

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A Redditor shared that he was shocked when his son asked if he could move back with them after quitting his $45,000/year job. The man revealed how he handled the situation in the best possible way. 

When his son told him about quitting his job, the man was shocked, but he made sure not to express his feelings in front of him. He revealed that his son was over the moon when he got this job right after graduating.

However, things took a different turn after he joined his new workplace. The Redditor could see how his son had changed after getting hired.

OP's son started sobbing while talking to him | Source: Flickr /LaggedOnUser


OP (Original Poster) confessed he saw his son losing interest in his job and life a few years after he got hired. He explained that his son talked to him about it on Thanksgiving and that's when he realized his son was no longer happy with his life:

"Over Thanksgiving, he talked about insane deadlines, a boss who micromanaged, and a business owner who ruled with an iron fist."

As a supportive father, OP comforted his son and encouraged him not to give up. However, he had sensed that his son's professional life had changed his personality.

OP's son confessed how he felt over Thanksgiving dinner | Source: Unsplash


A few days later, OP received a call from his son telling him he had quit his job because of a heated argument with his boss. 

OP's wife set a condition for her son to live in their house. 

His son's voice was shaking and was in tears apologizing for quitting his job. OP felt terrible for him and told him there was nothing to apologize for.

OP received a call from his son | Source: Unsplash


OP explained that his son felt guilty about quitting his job because he was married and had a two-year-old daughter to look after. He felt losing his job would affect his family. 

OP also revealed that his son asked him for permission to live with him for a couple of days until he is able to plan his next move. The Redditor welcomed his son and told him not to worry about anything. His son apologized again and promised he would start working as soon as he found another job.

His son promised to start working again soon | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, OP's wife had one condition for their son to live in their house. She asked him not to look for a job until he worked on his mental well-being. OP and his wife wanted their son to consult a therapist to sort out his mental health issues. 

OP's son was grateful to his parents for understanding his situation and prioritizing mental peace over his job. The Redditor urged other users to do the same with their children, explaining:

"We can TRUST our kids to make the right choices and encourage them to do whatever they think they need to to have a fulfilling happy life." 

OP posted his story on Reddit to motivate other parents | Source: Unsplash


Most users praised OP for being a fantastic parent after reading his post. A Reddit user named Ninapants97 shared that her mother kicked her out of the house a week after graduating high school, so she lauded OP for being a great parent. campapathy replied:

"I left at 16 because it was literally cheaper just to rent with how much board my mum demanded."

Another user named Packrat1010 shared that his parents allowed him to live with them rent-free throughout college, which helped him save money and graduate debt-free. 

Most Redditors felt delighted to know parents like OP existed. They assured him that he did the right thing by allowing his son to stay with him.


Other Redditors shared their experiences in the comments section | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Would you let your son live with you if you were in OP's place?


Parents always want the best for their children, pushing them to get out of their comfort zone to achieve good things in life. However, when OP's son reached out to him, he happily accepted his decision to quit his job and welcomed him to stay in his house. Some people would agree he did the right thing, while others may argue that OP shouldn't coddle his son and instead, allow him to stand on his own feet.

Would you quit your job if you were OP's son?

Pressure at work is a reality, and some people might find it challenging to handle and would choose to quit as OP's son did. For him, quitting his job seemed like the best option to safeguard his mental and emotional health. However, other people might think he could have continued working under pressure because he had a family to feed. They might also disagree with his choice of moving into his parents' place.

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