Cameron Simmons and Officer Gaetano Acerra | youtube.com/Archetype
Cameron Simmons and Officer Gaetano Acerra | youtube.com/Archetype

Policeman Buys Furniture and TV for a Troubled Teenager after Seeing His Bare Room

Joe Akins
Dec 15, 2021
06:00 A.M.

A policeman became a social media hero after news of his kind acts towards a young boy went viral. Here’s what the South Carolina police officer did.


Stories of cops needlessly shooting at teens and other unarmed people have caused global unrest and sometimes sparked riots and agitations as people react over the abuse of power. However, not all cops are killers; some have the sweetest soul.

A South Carolina policeman became an internet sensation after his touching donation to a black teen went viral. The cop went the extra mile to ensure the troubled teen got a good night's rest.


Officer Gaetano Acerra got a call from a young Cameron Simmons who had gotten into a fight with his mother and decided he no longer wanted to live with her.


Acerra paid a visit to Simmons’s family to understand what was going on and when he got there, he witnessed a heartbreaking sight.

The 13-year-old had no bed in his room to sleep on; instead, he slept on an airbed which Simmons said would deflate at night. Acerra also observed that Simmons’s clothes were placed in a black garbage bag. His living condition was poor.


Officer Acerra and Simmons later sat down for a talk, and the young teen explained that he wanted to run away from his home. He explained that his mother scolded him for playing his older brother’s video game.

Speaking of his poor living condition, Simmons explained to the kind cop that things had been a bit difficult for his family after they relocated from their home in Texas to South Carolina to care for a sick relative.

The police officer was moved by the scene and thought of what to do to make life more comfortable for Simmons and put a smile on his young face.

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo  youtube.com/Archetype

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo youtube.com/Archetype



Several weeks after Simmons made the call, he was surprised to see Acerra return to his house with a car filled with gifts. Acerra bought a bed, desk, television, along with a Nintendo Wii gaming console that was donated for the surprised teen.

Acerra also gifted Simmons’s older brother furniture for his room alongside a table-hockey game that the brothers could play and have fun with. The entire family was moved to tears by this rare act of kindness.

Simmons was relieved by the gifts, especially the bed, which he said would help reduce his back pain and make him sleep better. The kind policeman intends to return to the family shortly with other house furniture like a mirror and a dresser.

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo  youtube.com/Archetype

A netizen's comment on the Youtube video | Photo youtube.com/Archetype

While he has received much praise for his kindness, Acerra remarked that his actions were not aimed at being famous; instead, he only did what he thought was right and encouraged others to do so too.

The best part of the entire story for the South Carolina policeman is becoming Simmons’s buddy. The duo exchanged contact, and Simmons can now call the older man for help or talk about anything he wants to.

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