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Comfort Omovre
Dec 21, 2021
04:00 P.M.
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A young girl planning to run away with her boyfriend decides to rob her mom of money but finds more than she bargains for. 


"I hate you! It should have been you!" The statement had become an anthem for Lisa Norman's teenage daughter Linda. 

The 16-year-old lost her father to cancer five years ago and had put all the blame on her saying she had done nothing to help the man and was always gone instead. 

Linda found a voice note from her father to her on her mother's phone | Source: Shutterstock


Linda had to be the one caring for the sick man, so she witnessed the horrors he faced first hand, and she believed her mother did not love her dad enough to stick around, only returning late at night and leaving early the following day. 

After her father's death, Linda went out of control because she was very attached to him. She didn't care about her mother and was always causing trouble with other people around. 

Whenever her mom tried to reprimand her, she would yell and accuse the widow of not doing anything that would have helped him recover.

On her 17th birthday, instead of helping her mother with her birthday preparations, Linda decided to escape with her boyfriend, Ian. 


The two already had a plan and had gotten bus tickets to another state where they hoped to start over as lovers even though Ian was just 19. The bus tickets cost a lot, and Linda's boyfriend advised her to get some more money. 

"Your mom probably has enough cash to get us through a couple of months while I find some work," he said. 

"If I ask her, she'll find out what we're up to Ian, I don't think that's a good idea," Linda told him. 

After her father's death, Linda went out of control because she was very attached to him | Source: Pexels


"Who said anything about asking?" he replied with a wry smile — the one that melted Linda's young heart. 

They planned for Linda to rob her mother the day after her birthday and escape that night without the woman's knowledge. Linda thought it was poetic justice. 

But her plans started to unravel when her mom surprised her with a birthday party attended by her relatives and schoolmates. Linda didn't want to see those people; she had little love for anyone except her boyfriend. Still, she did not ruin the party, having decided it was a perfect cover for her stealing. 

While the party was in full swing, she crept upstairs to her mother's room and stole all the money she set eyes on, but as soon as she returned downstairs, her mother dragged her before the mini crowd that was in attendance. 


"This is my daughter," the woman said. "We haven't seen eye to eye since my husband passed but I threw this party for her so she knows I love her no matter what she does. Happy birthday my child." 

Linda's plans started to unravel when her mom surprised her with a birthday party attended by her relatives and schoolmates | Source: Pexels


Everyone erupted in cheers as Lisa ended her short speech, then the proud mother gifted her daughter with a small box and warned her to open it only when she was alone. 

When Linda opened it later on, she saw her mother's phone inside with a note attached to it that read, "Play the last entry in my album."  

She took the phone from the box and scrolled through its contents to find what appeared to be an audio recording. She played it, and to her astonishment, heard her father's voice:

"You can not even imagine how strong my love for you is. Cancer should have taken me much earlier, but I tried to stay as long as I could to spend more time with you and your mom. You mother is my savior. Yesterday I learned that when I was staying in the hospital she worked two jobs every night to pay for my treatment. Today or tomorrow I will leave this world, but I will always be with you forever. Love your mother, because she loves you most in the world. Bye, my Linda." 


After listening to the recording, Linda fell to her knees in tears as she had been unjustly punishing her mom all those years | Source: Pexels

The recording had been made five years ago by her dying father, and he had asked his wife to give it to Linda in 5 years on her birthday. After listening to the it, Linda fell to her knees in tears — she had been unjustly punishing her mom all those years. 


The teenager immediately hurried to her mom's room to apologize. She met her waiting with open arms, and she sank into them as she sobbed and begged for forgiveness. 

"I'm so sorry mom, I didn't know," Linda cried. 

"It's okay baby, it's fine, I know you didn't mean it."

Linda returned the money to her that day and, from that moment on, started to take care of her mother. Their newfound closeness made Lisa reveal to her daughter that she had been saving up some money to build a cafe in honor of her late husband. 

"Let's do it!" Linda said. The girl knew that her father had always wanted a cafe of his own because he loved to serve people and was also a great cook. 


Lisa kept saving up money and after some time decided to sell their house to move into a smaller one. The house fetched a good price on the market so that some money was left over. 

A year later, after pooling all their savings and adding the cash leftover from selling their home, Lisa and her daughter were able to set up the cafe and they named it after Linda's father - "George's Cafe." 

It catered to everyone and quickly became a success as the man had been quite popular in the neighborhood for his good deeds. 

Linda knew that her father had always wanted a cafe of his own because he loved to serve people and was also a great cook | Source: Pexels


What did we gain from this story?

  • Make sure you have all the details before making a decision. Linda hated her mom for years because she thought the woman abandoned her father while he fought cancer, but it turns out that the opposite had happened. Thankfully, she had not yet made unforgivable mistakes, and they were able to settle things.
  • Learn to filter advice. When Ian told Linda to steal from her mother, she was ready to do it because she thought the woman deserved it; however, the thought had to be suggested to her as it was never on her mind. It could have really caused problems for her mom, but thankfully they made up, and Linda had a change of heart. 

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