White Couple Gives Birth to Black Triplets after Adopting Discarded Embryos

Dayna Remus
Dec 16, 2021
06:20 P.M.

A faith-based couple took on what many may deem a controversial route when it came to having children, ending up with the most adorable kids. However, some people's reactions to the multi-ethnic family were not favorable.


Caucasian married pair Aaron Halbert and his wife Rachel Halbert are Presbyterian missionaries with five adopted children of color.

Their religious convictions as pro-family and understanding that black children are less likely to be adopted than white children led them down a path they would have never have imagined.


They first adopted two children of color, but when they found out about discarded embryos and embryo adoption, they chose to take a lesser-known path. With the use of these embryos, doctors used IVF to impregnate Rachel. Aaron wrote in an article he shared:

"We were deeply moved by the idea of adding more children to our family."

The two were also drawn to the reality of Rachel being pregnant. She did end up pregnant with twins. Shockingly, to both of the parent's surprise, one of the twin embryos split; she had conceived triplets!



During the pregnancy, the father was elated with their black son and biracial daughter already showing love to their unborn younger siblings. They gave their mom's belly kisses and said good night to the three growing babies.

In April 2016, the parents welcomed the three beautiful newborns. At the time, the father and husband stated that he was in disbelief at how their family had formed.



With all the hate in the world, Aaron is lucky to have his and his wife's family's unconditional love and support. However, he penned, strangers can sometimes react with ignorance:

"There will always be the older white woman in Walmart who stared at us with sheer disgust.[sic]"

Nevertheless, he wrote that it is not all negative. In one case, Aaron shared that a black child teared up with happiness when she found out that he and his wife's kids were the same color as her.



Nevertheless, and no matter the naysayers, this deeply loving mom and dad continue to bathe in the beauty of their multi-ethnic family. Writing about his personal experience regarding race, Aaron expressed:

"We believe when you look into any human’s eyes, you look into the face of an image-bearer of God – into the eyes of a person whose soul is eternal."

However, this does not mean, the dad emphasized, that they do not see race but rather embrace it as God's divine creativity.


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