Mom Gets Rid of Her Baby Girl at Maternity Hospital, Dad Finds Out and Searches for the Child — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Dec 25, 2021
09:00 A.M.

No parent should have to go through the agony of being separated from their children. In Bill Furner's case, his daughter was placed for adoption against his will, and he faced the possibility of never seeing her again.


Bill had just showered and entered the living room when he noticed his girlfriend Merelyn was on the phone with someone. "But are you sure about it? What if Bill finds out about it?" Merelyn asked.

"Why wouldn't Bill agree? Bill would be happy with anything that makes the baby's mother happy," he interrupted Merelyn, who removed the phone from her ears and faked a natural smile. "Oh, I thought you were still in the washroom, honey."

"Are you having an affair, Merelyn?" Bill joked. "Oh no, how can you cheat on me?"

"Shut up, Bill," Merelyn laughed and got back on the phone. "I'll call you later. Bill's here."

"So, who were you talking to? Or should I ask who is the man who daress to steal my beautiful girlfriend?" asked Bill humorously.

"You're not going to change, Bill, are you? You're about to become a father! At the very least, stop making stupid jokes right now. It was Sandra. She was asking me to visit her tomorrow, but I know you're worried about the pregnancy, so I told her it won't be possible."

"Thank you, honey," Bill said and hugged her. "I don't want to stop you from doing what you want, but I'm concerned about the complications. Anyway, your due date is only a few days away, and the doctor says you could go into labor at any time."


"Yes, Bill, I get it. We're finally going to be parents, so we have to be careful. Don't worry," Merelyn replied, retiring in Bill's arms.

Bill and his girlfriend were expecting | Photo: Pexels

Bill and his girlfriend were expecting | Photo: Pexels

The next day…

Bill awoke abruptly as the sun's rays from the windows hit his face. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already ten o'clock. "I can't believe I slept on the couch yesterday! But where's Merelyn? Why didn't she wake me up?"

"Honey, are you there?" he called out to her as he walked into their bedroom, but she wasn't there. He checked the restroom and other rooms, but Merelyn was nowhere to be found. It appeared as if she simply vanished.

"Hi Sandra, this is Bill. Is Merelyn there? She's not returning her calls or responding to her messages." He called Sandra, thinking she'd gone to her house, but she wasn't there. In fact, she couldn't be.


"No, Bill, she's not here."

"Oh, I thought she might be at your house because you called her yesterday. But thanks…"

"Wait a minute, what? I contacted her?! No way, Bill. We haven't talked to each other in a week."

"What?" Bill was taken aback. He remembered talking to Merelyn the day before, and she had mentioned Sandra's name.

Bill was worried about Merelyn and called Sandra | Photo: Pexels

Bill was worried about Merelyn and called Sandra | Photo: Pexels

"Oh, well, never mind. Maybe she said someone else's name, and I got it mixed up. Let me call her other friends and see if they know anything," Bill said and hung up the phone.

However, after contacting all of Merelyn's friends, there was still no word on her. At this point, Bill became concerned about his pregnant girlfriend and decided to file a missing person's report.


However, several days passed, and Bill received no word from the cops regarding Merelyn. Where have you gone, honey? Are you and the baby safe? It's already past your due date. Bill moaned one evening as he walked into their bedroom and looked at the cradle he and Merelyn had purchased for their child.

They were excited to welcome their first child and wanted to shower all their love on their baby–at least that's what Bill thought until he became impatient and decided to find Merelyn on his own.

He went through all of the maternity homes and hospitals in town, showing her pictures, and even contacted the orphanage where Merelyn was raised, but there was no record of her. In the end, he decided to visit the hospitals out of town and landed at Riverside Medical Hospital, a small hospital on the outskirts of Florida, where he luckily found a nurse who recognized Merelyn.

A nurse recognized Merelyn's photograph | Photo: Pexels

A nurse recognized Merelyn's photograph | Photo: Pexels


"Oh, she came here with her boyfriend for delivery. But she was acting strangely," she explained to Bill.

"What? That's not possible? Who did she come with?"

"I'm afraid I can't give you the patient's information, sir. But this woman just abandoned her baby and never returned to see her. Her child was extremely healthy despite numerous complications in her pregnancy. I wonder why she gave her up for adoption?"

"Oh, come on! That's not possible. Merelyn wanted this child! She was so eager to become a mother!"

"Well, sir. I'm pretty sure it was this woman who gave up her child. She and her boyfriend abandoned the baby and said they didn't care if the child died! They just wanted to get rid of it."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing! I can't believe Merelyn abandoned our baby," Bill said, fighting back the tears. "At the very least, could you tell me where the child is? I'm her biological father. Kindly help me find my daughter."

The nurse was not permitted to reveal the baby's medical records. But her heart sank when she saw Bill in such distress. "Sir, I'll show you the records. I hope you find your daughter, but no one should know you got the records from me," the nurse said as she led Bill to the storeroom where the records were kept. Bill nodded and silently followed her.

Bill learned that Merelyn had abandoned their baby at the hospital | Photo: Pexels

Bill learned that Merelyn had abandoned their baby at the hospital | Photo: Pexels

"The baby was transferred to our nursing home a few days ago, and a couple has already applied to adopt her. Her name is listed as Madison here," the nurse said as she flipped through the documents.

"Could you please give me their address? I know you're not supposed to, but it's a father's request!"

The nurse checked to see if anyone was outside the storeroom and handed Bill a piece of paper with the couple's address on it. Bill thanked her for her assistance, gave her a few dollars, and quietly exited the hospital before anyone noticed.

However, when he arrived at the address, he received nothing but instant ridicule. "Get the hell out of here! I'm not going to change my mind! And what proof do you have you're Madison's biological father?" Kolton Morales, Madison's adoptive-father-to-be, snapped at Bill.


"I'm not lying. If you don't believe me, I can take a DNA test with my baby."

Bill met Mr. and Mrs. Morales | Photo: Pexels

Bill met Mr. and Mrs. Morales | Photo: Pexels

"Stop calling her your baby, and get lost! I don't care!" Kolton yelled and was about to close the door on Bill's face when his wife Linda intervened.

"Honey, we should at least listen to his story. If he's telling the truth, we have no right to separate a daughter from her father."

"Thank you. Thank you so much!" Bill thanked Mrs. Morales as she led him inside and offered him a cup of tea. Bill told them the whole story and finally, they agreed to a DNA test, which revealed that Bill was not lying. So, in the end, Kolton and Linda decided to withdraw their application, and Bill was able to take his daughter back home.


9 years later…

Bill was walking Madison home from school when he noticed a frail, homeless woman begging for alms on the streets with a baby. Bill approached her to offer money, but when he looked closely, he couldn't believe the woman was Merelyn.

It turned out she'd been cheating on Bill and wanted to start a family with her new lover, so she left Madison at the hospital and fled. But when her so-called rich lover discovered she was pregnant, he left her for another woman and kicked her out of the house.

She apologized to Bill and begged him to take her back. "I'm sorry, Bill. Please forgive me. That's our daughter, isn't she?" she asked, looking at Merelyn. "She looks beautiful!"

The homeless woman with a baby was Merelyn | Photo: Pexels

The homeless woman with a baby was Merelyn | Photo: Pexels


"Daddy, why is this woman calling me her daughter?" Madison asked Bill. "I'm sorry, but my mom is waiting for me at home. Her name is Rose. Do you know her?" she asked Merelyn.

Merelyn's eyes welled up.

"You see, honey. Because this woman is ill, she mistook us for someone else," Bill explained. "Take this money and hand it over to her. Mommy must be expecting us at home."

"Okay, dad!" Madison said as she stuffed the money into the small hat in front of Merelyn. Then she took her father's hand in hers and walked happily away to her home, to her mother Rose, whom Bill had met at his workplace a few months after bringing Madison home.

She was a divorcee with two sons, and while it wasn't love at first sight for her and Bill, they connected deeply with each other's pain and married after a few months of dating, vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bill and Rose have three beautiful children | Photo: Unsplash

Bill and Rose have three beautiful children | Photo: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

  • You can't escape karma. Merelyn abandoned her child in the hopes of living a peaceful life with her lover, but karma caught up with her, and she ended up on the streets.
  • Learn to be grateful for what you have. Merelyn's life would have been happier if she hadn't abandoned Bill and their child for her so-called wealthy lover.

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