Couple Finally Welcomes Their Beloved Son after 13 Years, 8 Miscarriages and One Stillbirth

Lois Oladejo
Dec 28, 2021
02:00 A.M.

A couple who struggled with fertility issues for over a decade in their marriage got their little miracle just in time for Christmas.


Carissa and Dave Morris's Christmas miracle came in the form of a 6lb 7oz. baby who is their first child since they got married 13 years ago. The baby boy joined the family and gave them a lovely yuletide and one not to be forgotten.

The new parents could not have been more grateful for their coveted blessing following years of infertility issues and several miscarriages.

Carissa at the hospital with her miracle baby [left] Carissa and Dave Morris with their child| Photo: facebook.com/carissa.butcher2

Carissa at the hospital with her miracle baby [left] Carissa and Dave Morris with their child| Photo: facebook.com/carissa.butcher2


The couple from Australia welcomed their son on December 17, months after they first confirmed that their IVF treatment had worked. Baby Oliver was born at a healthy weight but developed some breathing issues.

His mom revealed that the little boy was blue when he was born due to being 20 percent down on oxygen for nine minutes. Doctors immediately got to work, making sure to intubate him. Afterward, baby Oliver was fed through a nasal gastric tube.

This was because he did not have the sucking reflex yet. The new parents were glad that their son was stable, although it was a bit gloomy because they had planned to be home ahead of Christmas.


However, with how things turned around, Carissa and Dave celebrated Christmas at the hospital with their bundle of joy while he recovered from birth complications.

It is safe to say that the worst is over, and the pair have something to be grateful for. But before their little miracle came along, Carissa and Dave struggled for a long time.

They have been married for many years, and fertility complications hindered their procreation in all those years. Carissa shared in the news that she and her spouse were able to get pregnant naturally; however, carrying the pregnancies to term was the problem.


Carissa counted eight miscarriages and the stillbirth of a little girl. She stated that no matter how many times they got pregnant, they seemed not to be able to get past six weeks.

The issue of maintaining the pregnancy was beyond them, not because they weren't adequate, but because of their body systems. On her part, Carissa had a blocked tube, and it caused fluid to return to the uterus.

She described the fluid as "poison." The engineer planner added that the affected tube was removed, but her and her husband's woes did not end there.


Dave was also examined, and he was said to have fertility issues. Ultimately he and Carissa resorted to ICSI IVF, and after one round, they got lucky and were soon expecting. Dave's situation was caused by too much exposure to heat.

In this instance, Dave's job contributed to his complicated fertility. Dave works as a boilermaker. His wife was agitated, noting that they were never told that too much heat would affect procreation.

The 32-year-old added that after their one round of IVF, it was unfortunate that more embryos could not be frozen. But the couple was able to get an embryo, and two weeks later, Carissa became pregnant.


The mom-of-one stated that hearing about her pregnancy news for the first time was one the greatest feelings she ever felt, second only to the first time she held her infant son in her arms. She described holding her son for the first time as "magical."

She continued sharing details surrounding his birth, as she relayed that baby Oliver was fed 45ml per day pending the time he would be able to latch on. She explained that they initially thought Oliver could develop a stomach obstruction and was being fed with a tube.

However, after the scans, doctors confirmed that Oliver's birth did not pose any danger. Once Oliver was stable, he was transferred to the NICU through the Neonatal Executive Transport Service.


The new mom relayed that she could not have physical contact with her baby boy before hospital staff transferred to NICU. Carissa shared that she could only touch his chin, but the sweet thing was that she could hold her little one 30 hours later.

Dave and Carissa wished they could have a family Christmas, but birth complications must be sorted. Outside of this, the delighted parents are really glad that the IVF round worked.

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