2-Year-Old Boy Visits His Father's Grave on Christmas Morning & Was Surprised to Find a Gift Box

Lois Oladejo
Dec 28, 2021
11:00 A.M.
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A little boy could not contain his joy on the morning of Christmas when he got to unbox a Christmas present right by his daddy's tombstone.

Little Braxton Wells will grow up not knowing his father as the man died when he was just two years old. However, Braxton has great experiences to keep his dad's memories alive. 

One of these sweet experiences came amid 2016 yuletide when the toddler visited his dad's grave on the morning of Christmas Day and met a surprise he would hold dear for a long time.

Braxton Wells and his mom by his father's grave | Photo: youtube.com/CBS News


Little Braxton Wells and his mom Danielle Ogle became each other's support system after his dad and the love of her life, Cody Wells, passed on.

Cody was killed in an accident when he veered off course on an Alabama road and hit a tree. He died instantly from the impact of the accident. Until the time of his death, the 23-year-old worked as a correctional officer at Fort Payne Police Department. 

Ogle recalled the day he died, noting that someone came knocking, and all her thoughts were that it was Cody. When she opened the door, there were instead officers of the law coming to tell of the fatal accident.


Following her fiancée's death, Ogle and their young son visited Cody's grave often, and Christmas was no different. As the mother-son pair made their way through the gravesite, Braxton sighted the gift items from afar.

He immediately leaped forward with excitement that his daddy had left him a gift for Christmas. Ogle shared that her son was so excited, and he also thought his dad came from heaven to leave the present on the gravestone.

In actuality, Chris Blake, who worked at the gravesite and designed Cody's tombstone, had dropped the present, which turned out to be Hot Wheels cars. Danielle also knew about the gift because Blake texted her on Facebook to give her a heads up. 


She revealed that Blake told her he left the gifts there and "did not care who I told Braxton it was from." Braxton wasted no time adding the Hot Wheels cars to his collection of toys by his dad's grave. 

Ogle was most grateful for how her son's Christmas Day ended. She made it known that little Braxton had difficult times comprehending what had happened and was unhappy for a while after his dad died. 

The mom-of-one shared that she noticed her son's mood changed for the better immediately he felt his dad flew from heaven to drop off the gift items. Cosy had a strong bond with his son during his lifetime, and she hoped to strengthen it further by taking Braxton to visit the tombstone. 


A netizen's comment on the viral Youtube video | Photo: youtube.com/CBS News

She described her late fiancée as someone "with the biggest heart." She added that he would often go out of his way for others, and his bond with their son was something special.