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Roshanak Hannani
Dec 30, 2021
09:00 A.M.

James got into a huge car accident, fell into a coma, and heard his children fighting over their inheritance instead of grieving their comatose father. He recovered for a short while and decided to change his will, shocking his children. But they learned a big lesson.


People say that patients can hear everything when in a coma, but James always thought that was drama for medical television shows. However, now he knew he was wrong. He couldn’t move and couldn’t open his eyes. But his hearing was perfect. He could discern the noise of the heartbeat machine next to his bed.

He could hear the sounds of trays being rolled around and medical staff yelling at people all over the place. But most importantly, James could hear his children speaking.

James was 65 years old and had fathered five kids with three different women. But he had been married five times already and just got divorced again. Although his romantic life might seem chaotic, he loved those women and loved life.

James could hear everything even in his comatose state. | Source: Shutterstock

James could hear everything even in his comatose state. | Source: Shutterstock


His family came from generational money, the kind that never runs out, so he grew up enjoying the fast life. Great cars. Amazing trips. Tons of dates. Luxuries. Everything a man could want. Some people called him irresponsible, but honestly, he had no regrets, even now, as he lay on a hospital bed, unable to get up.

He had just purchased a new sports car and took it for a great ride. Clearly, something happened that put him in the hospital, but James couldn’t remember what. Regardless, he was glad that his children were visiting. They were all adults, and he was often absent during their childhood, but they were there, which meant that despite his faults, they still loved him dearly just as he did.

However, his momentary joy ended when their voices made more sense.

His eldest daughter from his first marriage, Christina, was yelling at someone. “The beach house in Miami is mine. You’re not getting that,” her voice taunted.

Who was she talking to? James wondered silently from his spot on the bed.

“Christina, you hate the beach. Why do you want that house? You live in New York,” Brandon, his only son from his second marriage, asked.

Christina sneered at Brandon about the Miami beach house. | Source: Pexels

Christina sneered at Brandon about the Miami beach house. | Source: Pexels

“I want it so that you don’t get it,” Christina replied.

“Please, stop it,” Alexandra, his second daughter from his first marriage, interjected.

James couldn’t see it, but she was visibly frustrated with her siblings.

“Oh, whatever. We know Dad is going to give me more because I’m the favorite,” Mark added. He was James’ youngest child and the biggest brat of all.

“Shut up!” the rest of the siblings yelled in unison.

Where was Darla? She’s my sweet girl. She’ll be worried about me, James wondered, hoping his daughter from his third marriage would speak up. Was she in the room at all?


“When can we leave?” James finally heard Darla’s voice. “I hate hospitals, and this is a waste of time.”

“Don’t you want to be here for Daddy? You’re his sweet girl,” Christina mocked at her half-sister.

He finally woke up and made a decision. | Source: Pexels

He finally woke up and made a decision. | Source: Pexels

“Whatever. I just want to leave. We all knew something like this would happen soon, and I want it over with. I don’t care about his money. He never had any time for us. He never parented us. I don’t know why we’re wasting time here. I bet he'll give everything to some new woman out there. Anyway, I’m out,” Darla continued, and James heard her footsteps disappearing.

His heart broke. But he was forced to look back at his life and realize that Darla was right. James missed a lot of their childhood. He was out there chasing life. But he thought they knew how much he loved them.


How could they be so insensitive now?

Eventually, they all left. But James heard them coming and going the rest of the week until he finally woke up one morning. No one was there. He tried hard to stand up straight, but his body was too weak to move. Fortunately, a nurse came in and called the doctor after realizing James was awake.

The doctor checked him, and everything seemed alright, but he was told it would take a while to recover from his injuries. James was okay with that. He didn’t want to go home at all. When the nurse asked him if he wanted to call his children, he shook his head.

They all cried at the funeral, regretting their words at the hospital. | Source: Pexels

They all cried at the funeral, regretting their words at the hospital. | Source: Pexels

“Can you call my lawyer?” James asked weakly. The nurse nodded, and Mr. Goldberg showed up a few hours later.


The older man had made an important decision after hearing his children bickering over their inheritance or being mad at having to watch him in his unconscious state. He was going to teach them a lesson. He had not been the best father, but he loved them, and they needed to know that.

After discussing everything with Mr. Goldberg, the lawyer left. A few hours later, James fell into a coma again and did not wake up this time. He was gone by the end of the week.

Despite their fights and despite being angry at their father, Christina, Alexandra, Brandon, Darla, and Mark showed up in tears at the funeral. They lamented their father’s passing, and Christina even apologized for her attitude at the hospital.

She told Brandon she didn’t care about the beach house. Darla sobbed and hoped that he knew how much she loved him.

Later that day, Mr. Goldberg gathered them and revealed James’ will. But first, the lawyer told them it had been changed just a few days ago when their father woke up. All five of them were shocked, as they didn’t know anyone had seen him awake except medical staff.

James gave them his diaries. | Source: Pexels

James gave them his diaries. | Source: Pexels


In his will, James donated all his money to the hospital that tried to save his life and several other charities. The only thing his children received from him was his collection of diaries, which they had to share among them.

None of them could believe it. They would still be fine because they had all received inheritances from their grandparents. They were still pretty wealthy. But this was a shocking move from their father.

“He told me this was a lesson for you,” Mr. Goldberg explained. “He hoped you would read his diaries and understand his thoughts more.”

Mark, being a complete brat, bailed. He didn’t want to hear what his dad wrote. The rest of them stayed. Christina started reading from a diary that dated back to when she and Alexandra were children. James had cherished all those moments with them.

Darla picked up another notebook and read a passage where James talked about her high school graduation. She had been valedictorian, and her father was the loudest voice in the crowd. Brandon read from another diary. James talked about the first time he walked and how surprised he and his wife were at the time. It had been a massive shock because he was so young.

They cried while reading the diaries and finally understood their father. | Source: Pexels

They cried while reading the diaries and finally understood their father. | Source: Pexels


They were all in tears with just a few words. But they finally understood that although James had missed many moments of their lives, he had been there for more important ones and remembered them fondly. They also read passages where he talked about his adventures. His passion for life. And they all understood him a little better. Eventually, Mark read some things too.

The siblings understood why their father had only given them his diaries. It contained his real feelings, which they didn’t know existed. The money was worthless. They also learned a little bit about enjoying life to the fullest and cherished each other more.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Money doesn’t mean anything in the end. James’ children learned the hard way that money doesn't mean much. All that matters, in the end, is the people that you loved and loved you.
  • Parents also have flaws. Adults are not faultless. They make mistakes too. If you’re ever mad at your parents, try to see their side too.

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