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Comfort Omovre
Jan 13, 2022
09:00 A.M.
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Old teacher returns home on Christmas Eve and is frightened to see that her door is open and someone's footsteps are leading to it.

Amanda Chandler loves her job as an educator. It allows her to spend time with children she believed were the salt of the earth. Her dream to teach had blossomed within her as a young girl, and her supportive parents had done their best to put her on that path. 

After getting a college degree in education, Amanda was able to land a job at a local school not far from where she grew up, and there she remained for years, imparting knowledge on different sets of kids who passed through her class. 


The boy was always away from home and only rarely visited or called to check up on her. | Photo: Shutterstock

Amanda was very kind and took her job very seriously; if one of her students was lagging behind, she would take the time to put him or her through so his grades would not suffer. 


Her teaching job gave her fulfillment and eventually a husband. The man she married, Todd Chandler, was also an educator, and they had met when she took her students to visit a museum. 

He had coincidentally taken his students to that same museum that day, and they had bonded over the chaos of overseeing their students. 

Together they had a son named Jack, but twenty years later, Todd passed away from cancer, and Amanda was left to cater to their son, who was in college. 

The boy was always away from home and only rarely visited or called to check up on her. In fact, the only time he seemed to remember her existence was when he needed some money.


That year was no different; Amanda had only heard from her son twice in the whole year, and Christmas was fast approaching. Before the holidays, Amanda's school got involved in a math contest, and she was tasked with preparing her best students for it. 

Amanda's teaching job gave her fulfillment and eventually a husband | Source: Pexels


One day, she was in the middle of a math drill with her most brilliant student, Joan, when her son called her. "Hello mom, could you send me some money?" he asked with a whine. 

"Why is that the first thing to come out of your mouth after the dry spell of not speaking to me?" she asked him, annoyed and hurt — unaware her students had their eyes on her, listening. 

"What do you mean Mom? There simply isn't anything to talk about," he replied. 

"Really Jack, that's what you think?" She said with a shaky voice. 

"Mom, can I have some money or not?" he asked. 


"No, you can't!" she exclaimed sternly. 

"Really mom? Then I guess I'll have to come over and take it," he replied coolly. 

"You mean you want to steal from me?" she asked. 

When she received the call, Amanda had turned her back to the class for privacy, but the conversation had taken her entire focus, and she had forgotten her students were listening to the argument. 

"That's not what I mean mom, is it really stealing if it belongs to my mother?" Jack asked. 

"Fine, I'll give you some money but only on one condition," Amanda said. 


"Name it mom."

"You have to return home to spend Christmas eve with me," she said. 

"Done," he said without hesitation. 

"I'll be expecting you then," she said and ended the call. 

Amanda was in the middle of a math drill with her student when her son called her | Source: Pexels


As soon as she turned around to face Joan and the other kids, it was as though life resumed again, and they all started talking and moving again. 

"Sorry you had to hear that, kids," she said by way of apology and continued with the math lessons. 

For the rest of that day, Amanda was very happy. She knew her son just wanted the money, but she was still very excited he was finally visiting, which meant she would not spend Christmas alone as she used to.

The day before Christmas, she visited the grocery store to get items for her son's favorite dish. She called him to ask if he was on his way as she left the store, but he didn't respond. 


Refusing to think negative thoughts, she walked across the parking lot to her car, and once inside, she attempted to call her child again — no answer. 

"He most likely doesn't need money anymore, that's why he saw no need to come," she thought, very upset.

The drive home took some 30 minutes because of the snow-covered roads. When Amanda arrived at her home, she noticed many footsteps leading into the house. It was strange, and it baffled her. 

As she approached the door, she noticed that it was slightly open, so she quickly whipped her phone and dialed 911 while she opened it wider to peek inside. 


"This is 911, state your emergency," a bored voice said. 

As Amanda approached the door, she noticed that it was slightly open | Source: Pexels

"Hello I think someone broke into my house — "Amanda started to say as she stepped into the house and turned on the lights. 


"SURPRISE!!" voices chorused.

The whole house was filled with her students, and they were standing there shouting "Merry Christmas!!!!" at the top of their voices. She saw many of the little children she was teaching and high schoolers and guys she taught several years ago.

 Amanda was flooded with happiness and her eyes watered as she looked at everyone who had come out for her. "Thank you guys, but how did you get in?" she asked as she dabbed at her teary eyes. 

At that moment, the kids parted down the middle to reveal her son, Jack, standing in the middle of the room. 


"Mom, I'm very sorry for my egoistic attitude," he said — something Amanda had never thought she'd hear. 

"After the last time we spoke, these kids reached out to me to say they wanted to give you a surprise gift for Christmas, but they needed to get into the house, and I had a key which is why they chose to let me in on it. 

"Seeing these kids care for you like this, even more than I had ever done, made me realize how selfish I've been and this is why I chose to join in," he explained. "Can you forgive me?" he asked her, his arms wide open. 

"I do my son," Amanda said with tears in her eyes as she walked into his arms. 


After the hug, Jack gave her the gift he got her, which was a watch with a message engraved on its back — "For my lovely mom," it read. 

Her students also gave her a large box that contained a puppy — something she had always wanted, so she would no longer feel alone. From that day forward, Jack changed his attitude towards his mother, and they lived happily as a family. 

Jack and Amanda hugged after which Jack gave her the gift he got her, which was a watch | Source: Pexels


What did we gain from this story?

  • Reach out to family but not just because you need something. Jack essentially ignored his mom until it was time to request financial assistance, which is why she gave him a condition. Thankfully he was able to see the errors of his ways after his run-in with her students. 
  • Follow your passion. Amanda became a teacher because it was what she always wanted to do, and it helped her do it to the best of her abilities. Her diligence and kindness made her students love her, and eventually, that love helped bring her and her son back to great terms. 

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