Woman Finds Abandoned Baby in Cardboard Box with a Note from His Mother

Brittany Chalmers
Jan 13, 2022
08:00 A.M.

Last year, a newborn baby was discovered on a doorstep in Fairbanks, Alaska. An accompanying note revealed the mother's plea for help.


When Roxy Lane opened a cardboard box that she found near the mailbox in front of her house, she couldn't have imagined what would happen next.

A baby was tucked away inside the box and trying his best to fight the icy cold weather. Lane discovered that the baby was abandoned by a woman who could not care for him.

The letter written by a mother who abandoned her baby [left, middle] The abandoned baby swaddled in blankets [right] | Photo: facebook.com/Fox3now

The letter written by a mother who abandoned her baby [left, middle] The abandoned baby swaddled in blankets [right] | Photo: facebook.com/Fox3now


Lane found out that the birth mom had named the baby Teshawn. She was desperate and, per the letter, felt like there was no other option.

In the note, the mother, speaking as her baby, expressed:

"Please help me!!! My parents and grandparents don't have food or money to raise me. They NEVER wanted to do this to me. Please take me and find me a LOVING FAMILY."



The infant was taken to a nearby medical facility, where staff ruled him healthy. Authorities were in the process of tracking down the mother and hoped other expecting moms would not take the same course of action.

Alaska's Safe Haven Laws allow moms to give up their babies safely and without legal repercussions. Lane used her social media post to urge members of her community to check on the mom if they knew her.

An abandoned baby swaddled in blankets | Photo: Facebook/Fox3 Now

An abandoned baby swaddled in blankets | Photo: Facebook/Fox3 Now


Lane said she would spend the rest of her life thinking about the baby. She also struggled to understand how a mother could leave her baby outside and not somewhere safe.

"There is always a safer, humane choice to surrender a baby and you will not get in trouble."

A baby that was abandoned and an accompanying letter written by the mother | Photo: Facebook/Fox3 Now

A baby that was abandoned and an accompanying letter written by the mother | Photo: Facebook/Fox3 Now



Not everyone agreed with Lane. An online commenter quickly offered her an explanation as to why a mother might abandon her baby.

The user stated: "Even with safe places to leave babies; many mothers don't want the judgmental looks they will receive." Regardless of the differing opinions, Lane was happy and thankful she found the baby when she did.


In 2019, another infant was found abandoned. A resident discovered the child and an accompanying letter in an Orlando, Florida apartment block. The mother revealed that the baby's life was in danger due to domestic violence.


Resident Althea Brown was shocked by the discovery, but she also sympathized with the mother who wrote: "Dad is a very dangerous man. I'm so sorry." Fortunately, the child was healthy and taken to a safe place.


Both Brown and Lane struggled to comprehend how a mother could abandon their child. However, the accompanying letters they read shed some light on the situation.

It showed both women that the mothers cared for their babies and did what they thought was best for them.

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