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Grieving Mother Accidentally Spots Missing Daughter on TV as a Homeless Addict

Lois Oladejo
Jan 17, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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North Dakota mom Jill Rosenow felt distraught after her daughter suddenly fled from rehab. Then, after months of searching with no developments, she shockingly found her daughter in the most bizarre circumstance. 


Mothers are a rare gem in society because it is undoubtedly one of the most challenging roles. In 2019, a North Dakota mom, Jill Rosenow's job became harder when her daughter, Alice Crawford, fled from her apartment in Dickson, North Dakota.

Crawford disappeared after going to rehab, and her roommate and family had no clue where she might have gone. After months of searching without positive results, Rosenow was at home when she shockingly caught a glimpse of her daughter on television. 

Alice Crawford surrounded by snow [left], Jill Rosenow with her daughter, Alice Crawford and her family [right] | Photo:


Alice Crawford was four states and 600 miles away, giving an interview on local television station Denver's 9News. The television station had conducted an outreach speaking to homeless people about surviving the cold weather.

Crawford spoke to local reporter Marc Sallinger about how she had been sleeping behind dumpsters to avoid the harsh weather and snow. She further said

"This is death weather. If you're not prepared for this, you're going to die." 


Rosenow could not believe her eyes and was very shocked at the state in which she saw her daughter. She could not believe Crawford was living on the streets. Afterward, Rosenow, together with most of her family members, got on a plane to Denver with determination to bring Crawford home.


On getting to Denver, the family contacted the reporter, Marc Sallinger, who granted Crawford an interview to indicate her whereabouts. The family searched for a long time and asked countless people who ultimately led them to Union Station. 

After two days, the family eventually found Crawford, and according to Crawford's aunt, Theresa Brown, locating her was purely accidental, and it happened when Brown wanted to use the restroom. 


She further explained they had walked into the restroom thinking it was empty. Brown was trying to get into the booth and heard a tiny voice. 

The voice belonged to Crawford, who reportedly felt she was hallucinating and could not believe she saw her family. However, she was ultimately glad to have been found.



Crawford had lost her documents during her brief stint as a homeless person and had to wait for identification before getting on a plane back to Denver.

However, Jill Rosenow expressed her gratitude and later gave an update about Crawford in a 2020 Facebook post. She explained that her daughter had to spend a few weeks in a mental health facility before she was transferred to a rehab center.

Rosenow also mentioned that Crawford was enjoying sobriety and didn't want to do drugs anymore, let alone end up homeless again. The mother thanked friends and family for their prayers and noted she was hopeful Crawford would make a full recovery. 

Hopefully, Crawford is doing well now, and her story brings any family going through a similar ordeal hope for their loved ones.


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