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Dad in Tears Defends Son with Down Syndrome from Hurtful Comments

Ayesha Muhammad
Jan 19, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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A father recorded an emotional video explaining Down Syndrome after overhearing a conversation between another father and son at a DVD store. He went on to add that Down Syndrome was the best thing that ever happened to him. 


A parent's love for children is everlasting and unconditional. The story we're sharing today is about a father's never-ending love and devotion for his son with Down Syndrome.

Robb Scott from Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, is a father of two boys, Griffin and Turner. Scott's younger son, Turner, has Down Syndrome, but he is a typical kid like his older brother and other boys of his age.

Robb Scott shared an emotional video response after overhearing a father and son's conversation on Down Syndrome. | Photo: News



The Canadian father loved his children wholeheartedly. He never treated Turner any different than his elder brother and considered himself lucky for being his father. Scott shared with TODAY:

"Some people say, these kids are so special — I have a problem with that, too. If you say he's special, then you're elevating him above where he needs to be. He's just like everybody else!"

The doting dad explained that when Turner didn't pick up his clothes or gather his toys, he behaved just like Griffin or any child of his age.

Robb Scott's younger son, Turner. | Photo:



Scott also penned a heartfelt letter to Turner where he talked about his first love and how his life changed after welcoming him. He revealed that he fell in love for the first time at 16, and he experienced something genuinely enchanting.

He shared he felt devastated for not stepping up for his son and other people with the condition at that moment.

The father of two described that he was heartbroken when the girl he loved left him for someone else. He always felt incomplete and thought he'd never experience that magical feeling again until he met Turner.


Scott's two sons, Griffin and Turner. | Photo:


Scott shared how he was gloomy and clueless initially because it was his first time experiencing everything. However, his heart was in the right place, and welcoming Turner proved to be a gift, not a challenge. In the letter, he wrote:


"You gave that feeling back to me. At 36, you made me feel like I was 16 again. I fell desperately in love with you, like a young boy with a high school crush."

The heartwarming note contained Scott's unfiltered emotions for Turner. He proudly added that his son had taught him life-altering lessons and introduced him to new possibilities. Scott published the letter on World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2019.

Robb Scott's younger son, Turner. | Photo:



Three years before writing the touching note to Turner, Scott underwent a heartbreaking experience at a DVD store near his home. He overheard a father and son conversing on Down Syndrome. 

The little boy picked a movie, "Where Hope Grows," featuring a character with the genetic condition. The kid asked his father what Down Syndrome was out of genuine curiosity. The boy's father briefly hesitated to look for the right words. 

After mulling over his reply, he turned to his son and said, "It's an illness of not knowing anything." Scott was crushed after hearing the man's response, and to express his emotions, he recorded a video defending children with Down Syndrome.



The teary-eyed father expressed that Down Syndrome was the best thing that happened to him. He shared he felt devastated for not stepping up for his son and other people with the condition at that moment. Further, he added:


"It's fun, it's brilliant, it's amazing, it's funny, it's kind, it's loving, it's cuddly...they're great teachers, people with Down Syndrome. It's not an illness."

Scott's emotional video resonated with several netizens and amassed millions of views online. Here's another similar story where a couple adopted two girls with Down Syndrome, despite people criticizing their decision. You can read the full article here. 


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