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Boy Sends Letter to His Deceased Father and Gets a Response: 'He Wants You to Be Happy'

Dayna Remus
Jan 20, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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At only four years old, a boy's dad passed away in front of him after being gunned down for nothing but a watch. Deeply traumatized, he developed an ingenious way to communicate with his father.


A young Alejandro Garcia-Herreros residing in Oxford, Georgia, releases two balloons twice a year. This ritual is in honor of his dad, the late Carlos-Edmundo.

Alejandro places letters that he has written for his father inside the helium balloons, believing that they will find their way to heaven. He had never received a response until 2016 during Christmas, when he was 7 years old. 

Alejandro Garcia-Herreros with his mother Yudy Catherine Bonilla Ramirez and late father Carlos-Edmundo [left]; Alejandro Garcia-Herreros holding up a picture of himself with his mother Yudy Catherine Bonilla Ramirez and late father Carlos-Edmundo [right]. | Source: facebook.com/suzanne.edwards.3517 youtube.com/ABC News



In another part of Georgia, Suzanne Edwards' husband brought in a blue balloon with a letter inside the house for them to inspect. They had found this curious object in their yard. Both of them were deeply touched by the words which read

“Dad, I wish you were here so we could have fun together. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you tell God to give me those presents."

Alejandro then wrote about his hope that his father was content in heaven, asking Carlos-Edmundo to tell him if he was happy. 



Edwards was hesitant at first, but she eventually responded, letting the little boy know that his dad was happy. She did so by taking to Facebook with the hopes that Alejandro's family would somehow read it; she penned in the post:

"I am certain that your daddy didn't want to leave you...But in Heaven, he is ok, and he is happy. He wants you to be happy too!"

Edwards wished the 7-year-old a Merry Christmas, stating that he makes his father proud and that he would never stop loving him.

Alejandro Garcia-Herreros with his father Carlos-Edmundo. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News



A friend of Alejandro's mom, Yudy Katerine Bonilla Ramirez, let her know about the post. The mother was initially unsure about telling her son because of his belief that the letter goes to heaven. But, eventually, Ramirez expressed

"Alejandro believes in God. He thinks his father is with God and his father has responded to his letter through this woman."

The mom, therefore, contacted the Good Samaritan, who was so excited to connect with the mom that she took to Facebook to share the good news. 

Alejandro Garcia-Herreros with his mother Yudy Catherine Bonilla Ramirez. | Source: youtube.com/ABC News



In the post, Edwards revealed that Ramirez had reached out to her. She reported that the mother claimed to have relayed the message to Alejandro. Edwards stated

"She said he had a tear of joy and was so glad to know his dad is happy. She called the experience a miracle."

The Facebook user also expressed gratitude to her fellow internet users for their kindness and concern, expressing awe over "the power of social media."



The post became significantly popular. It gathered many heartfelt comments with no negativity to be found. One netizen remarked

"Suzanne, you are a true Angel. This meant so much to Alejandro; you have answered his prayers. Thank you for your kindness!"

Many wished Edwards a Merry Christmas and shared similar stories with the post now at almost 2000 comments and 1000 shares!

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by Suzanne Edwards. | Source: facebook.com/suzanne.edwards.3517



When the mother let Alejandro know about the response to his letter, she reported that he was delighted to hear his dad was happy in heaven. Ramirez said

"For Alejandro, his father was his hero. They were inseparable."

This boy went through an event no child should have to face. Yet he has managed to turn the tragedy around, using his innate creativity to connect with the man he will always love.



With the amount of technology surrounding us in our everyday lives, it's rare to receive a handwritten letter from someone. This rarity makes it even more special to those who receive these thoughtful gifts.

One young boy wrote a letter for his mom and dad before dying. Six-year-old Leland Shoemake passed away in hospital after contracting a rare brain infection.

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The grieving parents were preparing for their son's funeral in a touching moment when they found the note he had written for them. Leland penned that he was still with them and thanked them as well. 

There is so much energy focused on grand gestures and opulent gifts. So, it's astounding to think that something so seemingly inconsequential as a small letter would make such a massive difference in people's lives. 


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