Old guy harasses young woman in front of worker who watches everything silently |
Source: Old guy harasses young woman in front of worker who watches everything silently |

Old Man Harasses Young Lady in Front of Worker Who Hesitates to Intervene in Fear of Losing Job

Rita Kumar
Jan 22, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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A technician hired to fix faulty machinery freezes after hearing an old guy pass a lewd comment on a female worker’s tight dress. 


A lot of good can happen from speaking up, and this story is a dose of caution of why one needs to think twice before saying "cheesy" lines to someone in their workplace. 

Posting to Reddit’s “ProRevenge” community, one person known by the username Mustangnut001 narrated an incident that tested his sanity after he witnessed an old guy passing a lewd comment on a female colleague’s tight jeans.

What he did next not only fetched him solace but also earned the old guy considerable pushback from people who severely condemned his unacceptable behavior. 

An old man sitting.| Photo: Shutterstock


In his post that amassed over 3K upvotes, the Original Poster (OP) first introduced himself as a field technician who mainly worked on proprietary equipment. 

On Friday, he got a service call to fix a small piece of machinery. He walked in and met the concerned woman who’d called him. She explained what needed to be fixed. Since these were minor issues, OP felt they wouldn’t be time-consuming to fix.

OP was hired to fix a piece of proprietary equipment | Photo: Pexels


Just as he started doing his job, an older salesman walked in. OP thought the guy had a “snake oil” vibe to his persona but didn’t bother much as he had some important work to do. 

He then heard the old salesman chatting with the young woman he met moments ago. The guy sounded polite and friendly at first. Then he blurted out: “What I want to know is how you got those pants on?!”

OP heard an old employee comment on the woman's clothing | Photo: Pexels


OP couldn’t believe what he had just heard. The young woman turned red while the old guy exclaimed that she was blushing. He burst with crafty laughter.

OP was furious but kept calm. Being a vendor technician, he feared losing his job if he said anything. So he focused on his job and after explaining to the woman that he was done, he left without a word.

Meanwhile, some curious people wanted to know if the woman’s pants were indeed tight and “attention-seeking.”

He put his tool bag away, but while trying to start his car, he felt his conscience yelling at him. OP decided he wouldn’t leave until he said something and went back in.


Feeling troubled, the technician returned to the office | Photo: Pexels

He noticed everyone had already left to do their jobs and thought it was over. However, his conscience wouldn’t let it rest.


OP left but couldn’t think of anything else over the weekend. He was disturbed and after much thought, came up with an act of revenge. 

On Monday, he spent a little time browsing the local company and its parent company on the internet. He made a list of their email addresses.

OP made a list of important email addresses of the company | Photo: Pexels


OP then wrote an email, introducing himself and detailing what happened, then sent it to all the concerned recipients.

Tuesday morning, OP received a call from the company’s HR manager. The person thanked OP for getting in touch and said he’d confirmed the incident with the young woman. 

The manager also said he had an 18-year-old daughter and wouldn’t want someone to speak to her in that manner. 

The company's HR manager contacted OP the next day | Photo: Pexels


He then revealed that the concerned old guy was fired while the entire company would be given a detailed seminar on inappropriate workplace behavior. 

OP was overwhelmed, and so were the people who read his post online. While some vented their frustration over the older employee, others applauded OP for taking a stand for the woman.

The old man was fired | Photo: Pexels


“OP, you’re heroic, even if your heroism was delayed, wrote user Darkneuro, adding:

“There’s a social stigma against speaking up when we see something we know is wrong. I appreciate you spoke up. Thank you.”

“Bravo! A lot of good can come from speaking up, and it sounds like everything played out as it should have in that situation,” Redditor PinstripeMonkey commented.

Meanwhile, some curious people wanted to know if the woman’s pants were indeed tight and “attention-seeking.”

Some people online were curious about how tight the woman's pants were | Photo: Pexels


“Were they super tight pants or something?” questioned user Jintess, who thought the statement needed a bit of context.

“Actually, they were plain jeans. Nothing special and didn’t seem that tight,” OP replied.

OP claimed the woman wore plain jeans that didn't seem tight | Photo: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the woman could’ve approached HR herself instead of putting up with the old guy’s inappropriate behavior?

OP claimed that HR told him the old guy was fired, and it’s unclear if they were not previously aware of the man’s inappropriate behavior towards the female employee. Also, it is uncertain why the woman never took the matter to HR, considering it may not be the first time the old employee had said something indecent to her. 

If you were OP, how would you have handled the situation?

OP initially hesitated to confront the old man for fear of losing his job. But his conscience later urged him to take action and report him. If you were OP, would you do the same and report the old man or would you have dealt with the situation differently?

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