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Who Is Raegan Revord? Meet the 'Young Sheldon' Star Who Plays the Lead Character's Twin-Sister Missy Cooper

Laura Beatham
Jan 21, 2022
06:40 A.M.
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The bright young star, who plays Missy Cooper on "Young Sheldon," has a bright career in front of her. She is also very close to her TV siblings, especially to her on-screen twin brother.


Raegan Revord is a child star known for portraying Missy Cooper on "Young Sheldon." The 14-year-old started her career almost ten years ago with commercials and modeling. 

At only six years old, Revord landed her first recurring role as Megan on the highly successful and loved "Modern Family." Her career has continued to grow since then. 

Raegan Revord posed for an Instagram photo, 2020 [Left] Revord as Missy Cooper in season 1 of "Young Sheldon" [Right] | Photo: Instagram/raeganrevord & YouTube/Rotten Tomatoes TV


She appeared in Netflix's "Grace and Frankie" and "With Bob and David" as Bob Odenkirk's daughter. She also had a recurring in TV Land's "Teachers."

Revord made her film debut in 2017 as "Young Claire" in John R. Leonetti's horror film "Wish Upon," which she starred in alongside Ryan Phillipe and Joey King. 


Revord landed her role as Missy when she was nine years old. During an interview with Bello Magazine, she shared that she loved the character when she read the script and knew it would be special to be part of the show. 

Now she loves being a part of the TV family, including cast members Montana Jordan as George Jr., Iain Armitage as her twin Sheldon, Annie Potts as Meemaw, Zoe Perry as the mother, Mary, and Lance Barber as the father, George Snr. 


Revord has shared what it is in working with the cast and their relationships during various interviews. When asked what the best part of being part of "Young Sheldon' was, she told KTLA 5 that she enjoyed the feeling of being a family:

"It feels like we are actually a family like we have a second family."

The young star is extra close to her on-screen twin brother. According to her IMDB page, Revord and her TV brothers go on adventures together, like amusement parks, during their breaks between filming the show. 


She has also shared that she and Armitage have a secret language. During an interview with Sweety High, Revord their language, "Boogle Boggle," involves saying English words in a funny way.

The close friends also have another thing in common; they are both vegetarians. Revord once revealed during dinner scenes on the show, she and Armitage get vegan substitutes instead of meat like the other cast members. 


Besides being passionate about her acting career, Revord also has a big passion for reading and writing. As a child, she wrote a children's book, and now as a teenager, she has changed to writing young adult stories. 

Recently she turned her love for reading to a Book Club after she saw Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon's Book Clubs and noticed there was not one for children her age. 


Each month and with help from her mom, Revord picks her favorite book and shares a review with her followers online. She also appeared on Drew Berry's shows to discuss her Book Club and her passion for reading. 

Fans can keep up to date with Revord's favorite books and the happenings of her life on her Instagram, where she regularly shares behind-the-scenes looks of her life on set.