Angry Man Throws Cup at Pregnant Worker at a Drive-Thru, Next Customer Returns with a Card for Her

Lois Oladejo
Jan 28, 2022
12:20 A.M.

A pregnant worker was overcome with emotions following a customer's kind gesture. The woman had been ill-treated by a previous customer who threw a cup at her.


Feroza Syed was at a McDonalds' branch when she saw an employee of the fast-food company attacked by a customer at the drive-thru window. The incident occurred in suburban Atlanta and gained massive attention after Syed shared it on her Facebook.

Syed, a real estate broker in the Atlanta area, noted that the event took place on December 4, 2020. She witnessed an angry customer throw a soda cup at the McDonalds worker, whose name is Bryanna, because it was not what he requested.

Pictures of an emotional Bryanna as she received people's donations and goodwill | Photo:  facebook.com/feroza.syed.9

Pictures of an emotional Bryanna as she received people's donations and goodwill | Photo: facebook.com/feroza.syed.9

Syed felt pity for Bryanna, who was soiled by the sticky liquid. Her clothes and hair were messed up, leaving her visibly shaken and in tears. Syed said she was stunned by the event.

She shared her experience about the incident with Today news. Syed said, "It was so obnoxious to me that I couldn't even figure out what was happening."


Seeing the pitiable state of the worker, Syed decided to brighten her face. As she pulled up next for her order, she gave Bryanna a small tip and offered to alert the local police for the poor behavior.


Syed saw Bryanna was pregnant when she returned to McDonald's to share the angry customer's license plate number. She quickly set up an online fundraiser and a baby registry for Bryanna.

She wrote on Facebook, "I decided to create a small cash app/Venmo fundraiser, and we raised about $1700 in about 24 hours to put a smile on her face." According to the real estate broker, the goal was to show Bryanna that not all humans are horrible.


Syed was in awe after seeing the outpouring of love and support from the people who donated. At first, she planned to raise $300 or $400 for Bryanna to get her hair done and replace what was damaged, but her expectations were sweetly surpassed.


Syed and Bryanna have forged a lovely friendship after the incident. The new friends were pictured posing together, and Bryanna held a wad of $100 bills.

The best part of the story for Syed is sharing in the joy of her "new friend B." Syed said Bryanna's world is overjoyed by the support she received. Also, she was given time away from work as the event was investigated.


One of the pictures of Bryanna showed her visibly overwhelmed by emotions after reading a card of support from her newly-found virtual friends, who threw their weight behind her and her unborn child.

Several people praised Syed for her selfless service; however, she noted that the focus should be on Bryanna and every other essential service provider who risked their lives to supply vital services to everyone else.

That's not the only time a pregnant waitress has gotten such a generous donation. A pregnant New Jersey waitress, whose baby was due in April 2019, received an unexpected but sweet gesture from a policeman she served.


Courtney English was assigned a table close to the kitchen, so she didn't have to walk carrying heavy trays for too long because of her condition, thanks to her considerate bosses. However, little did she know that more kindness was coming her way.

She was working her shift on a particular day when she noticed a not-so-familiar face – a local Voorhees County Policeman. The officer not only left a cute note that read, "Enjoy your first. You will never forget it," but he also gave English a $100 tip.

The man had bought a meal worth nine dollars, but he still went ahead to give the expectant mother 100 dollars. Needless to say, this brought joy to English. And hopefully, there will continue to be more cases like Bryanna and English's.

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