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Couple Unable to Get Pregnant Can't Contain Emotions upon Meeting Adopted Baby for the First Time

Dayna Remus
Jan 27, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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Unable to have biological children, a married couple was troubled. But, instead of wallowing, they chose to adopt, their hearts exploding at the sight of the tiny baby girl. 


If individuals struggle to conceive, there are many routes they can choose to go down. Thanks to modern medicine, surrogacy and I.V.F are two options on the table.

Of course, there is also adoption. In 2017, husband and wife Matt and Katie Curtis picked this path and were ecstatic to meet their baby girl. 

Matt and Katie Curtis meeting their adopted baby, Natalie Gray, for the first time [left]; Katie Curtis crying after hearing that the baby she and her husband are going to adopt, Natalie Gray, has been born [right]. │Source: Media



Genesis Media posted a YouTube clip sharing the parent's journey. Before meeting their baby, both expressed how they looked forward to the beautifully messy parts of raising a child. Katie emphasized

"[It] can be hard and messy sometimes in terms of your actual life and what it looks like, but I think we are really looking forward to the whole experience."

Driving the point home, the excited father-to-be claimed that everything in life that's worthwhile always brings challenges along with it. 

Matt and Katie Curtis. │Source: Media



It turns out that those challenges were coming soon, as the excited duo rushed to meet the baby after finding out she had been born. 

Walking into the room where the newborn was waiting in the arms of a woman, they spotted their tiny child. The pair were both overcome with emotion

Matt and Katie Curtis smiling after finding out that the baby they are going to adopt, Natalie Gray, has been born.│Source: Media



Teary-eyed and overwhelmed with happiness, the new dad gently picked up Natalie Gray, as they named her, and gave her a light kiss on the forehead, expressing:

"Hey, Natalie. I’m your dad.”

With love in his eyes, he gently handed the bundle of joy to his emotional wife, who had an affectionate smile on her face. She held the little one close to her chest, tearing up even more. 

Matt and Katie Curtis meeting and holding their adopted baby, Natalie Gray, for the first time.│Source: Media



From there, they spread the news among their family and friends, who were all over the moon when they found out about little Natalie. The baby's grandmother exclaimed

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Are you joking with us? That's not fair if you're playing a joke."

Of course, Natalie, the star of the show and the one whose happiness comes first, appeared completely content, gurgling and giggling while being bathed. 

Natalie Gray smiling.│Source: Media



With parents like Matt and Katie, we are sure this laughter will continue. This dedication towards being the best mother and father is reflected in the vows they made to their little girl, which partially say

"We promise to laugh with you, share with you and be in the moment with you. We promise to love you through the thick and the thin."

The parents also vowed to always be there for Natalie and turn to their faith for constant guidance on being the best mom and dad they can be. 



While, like those in the lives of Matt and Katie, many approve and celebrate adoption, some criticize it. For example, there are those who say it is wrong for a child to be separated from their birth parents.

Beyond this, there appears to be even more stigma attached to transracial adoption as experienced by African American parents Mik and Tracy.


The pair adopted a caucasian child but were unprepared for the staring and derogatory comments from the general public. They couldn't even go to the supermarket without facing this prejudice.

Sad as that may be, love and not race is what defines this family, just as love and not biology is what defines them and the Curtis clan — a truth that, if remembered, can help shrug off ignorant voices.