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Mother-In-Law Yells at Bride, Gets Angry over Her Vows to the Groom

Brittany Chalmers
Jan 27, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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A wedding ceremony got out of control when the bride's mother-in-law interrupted her vows. The bride was furious, and when she responded, the mother-in-law didn't back down. 


Wedding days are always filled with some drama. Often the big day has a few unexpected moments of chaos, and for one bride, the moment came while she was reading her vows. 

In San Jose, California, a couple tied the knot when their perfect ceremony quickly turned ugly. In the middle of the bride's vows, a woman decided to chip in and contradict her. 

A bride and groom say their vows [left]; A woman tries to calm down the groom's mother [right] | Photo: Today News



It was the groom's mother, and she encapsulated what many have coined the "monster-in-law." In a video posted in 2020, the mother shouted at the woman of the hour in front of her wedding guests.  

She said"You're not going to say my son has flaws." The hostile comment affected the bride, and while a few of the guests laughed, she was not having it. The bride replied: "You can leave." 

A bride and groom say their vows | Photo: Today News



It quickly became clear that the mother-in-law was not going anywhere. She indicated that she would not be leaving the wedding, and her justification for staying left many people speechless. 

She said: "This dress you're wearing, we paid for it!" The bride was furious, but she didn't want the altercation to wreck what was supposed to be the best day of her life. She expressed

"You're not gonna ruin my wedding."

Mother-in-law interrupts the bride during her vows | Photo: Today News



Some of the guests tried to get the mother-in-law to settle down. The bride explained that everyone had flaws, but that was what she loved about the groom.

This comment got the woman's attention, and she responded: "Yeah, like you don't have flaws." The bride had had enough and tried to walk toward her mother-in-law, but thankfully another woman stepped in to help. 

Bride shouts at her mother-in-law | Photo: Today News



The awkward situation put a damper on the couple's special moment, and one of their guests could be heard as they shouted at the woman: "We don't need this." 

Hopefully, the rest of the couple's wedding day went off without any more interruptions, and they were able to share a few beautiful and memorable moments. 



The bride from San Jose wasn't the only woman whose special day was thrown off because of their mother-in-law. One wedding planner named Callie revealed that she witnessed the groom's mother trying to poison the bride.

The bride was severely allergic to coconut, and Callie shared that the mother tried to give the bride a cupcake covered in precisely that. The groom saved the day and harshly reprimanded his mother. Hopefully, she learned her lesson. 

Whether they act out because they dislike the bride or don't want to lose their sons, mothers-in-law do not have a good reputation. Hopefully, brides will be aware and ensure that their new mothers have no plans to create chaos.