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Woman Adopts 4 Daughters of Her Best Friend, Fulfilling the Promise She Made

Andile Mthimkhulu
Jan 30, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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A woman from New York agreed to adopt the four daughters of her best friend. But why was Laura Ruffino asked to fulfill such an extraordinary promise in the first place? Find out.


Laura Ruffino, a 41-year-old mom who lives outside Buffalo, New York, never imagined that while she was carrying on with her life and raising two kids, she would instantly become a mom of six.

Liz Diamond, a single mother and Laura’s close friend, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2014. Little did Laura know that her friend Liz would end up making a big request.

[Left] A picture of Laura Ruffino with her friend Liz Diamond; [Right] Liz with her kids. | Photo: facebook.com/cgtnenespanol facebook.com/Kiss925


Best friends Laura and Liz had been friends for a long time, since childhood, and the two women were inseparable.

After being friends for three decades, both women considered each other to be sisters, and Laura was greatly affected by the news that Liz had brain cancer.



After Liz received the shocking news that she had Stage 4 brain cancer, the mother of two immediately worried about what would happen to her girls after she was gone.  

Liz wanted to make sure that her kids Tara, Lilly, Samona and Ella were taken care of by someone she trusted and knew very well since she was divorced and raising her kids alone. 


Faced with a terminal illness and having no other options for her daughters, Liz had no choice but to ask Laura if she would take care of her girls if anything happened to her.

According to Laura, she instantly agreed to the request of her dying friend. She talked about the short conversation she had with her friend and said:

“She said, ‘Laura I want to talk to you about the girls. If ever anything happens to me, I want you to take my girls.’ And I instantly said, okay.”



With Liz being so close to Laura, it is no surprise that Liz chose her best friend to leave her daughters with. Laura adopted the four girls and they moved in to live with them in their home.

After Liz’s death in April 2014 at the age of 40, Laura fulfilled the promise she made to her and took care of Liz's girls.


On how she felt about now taking care of such a big family, Laura said: “Ten years ago I didn’t think this would be my life. But if something gets thrown at you just accept the challenge and do the best you can.”


Laura does not take care of her late friend's kids alone as they ended up getting help from some good Samaritans.

According to reports, Laura’s community launched a fundraising campaign on social media to assist them. The campaign raised thousands of dollars, which were donated to the family.



Laura revealed that she still talks to her late best friend, Liz. She said:

“I talk to Liz all the time. I ask her for guidance. I know it sounds crazy, but I want approval. We’re doing our best and I want her to feel like we’re doing a good job.”

Laura also shared that she never knew it was possible for a person to love someone else’s child the way they love their own. It is beautiful to know that Laura is taking care of her late best friend's kids so well and Liz must be happy wherever she is.