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Husband Installed Hidden Cameras to Prove the Infidelity of His Wife of 20 Years

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 01, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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After more than 20 years of marriage, a man suspected his wife of cheating on him. He shared his suspicions with his friends and decided to install cameras in every room of his house. 


The man, Mark, told his friends about his wife, Mandy's, strange behavior. One of his friends wrote a Reddit post mentioning what had happened. 

When Mark suspected his wife was cheating on him with another man, he came up with an excellent idea to find out the truth. It took him only a few days to know what was going on.

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Mark and Mandy had two teenage children, and everything was going well in their lives. Mark was in his 40s and had started to feel that his life had become boring.

His children had also grown up, so he didn't have to look after them all the time. He had started playing soccer to make his life less boring, while his wife had developed some "hobbies of her own." OP (Original Poster) explained:

"Hobbies that included getting sweaty and real passionate with another man from a few towns over."

Mark had started playing soccer to make his life less boring | Source: Pexels


These were just rumors about Mandy that had reached Mark, so he didn't pay much attention to them until he noticed a sudden change in his wife's behavior. 

They asked him what was wrong, so he opened up about what he saw in the camera footage. 

Mandy had gotten distant from Mark. He noticed she would often yell at him and rarely spoke to him nicely. At first, he thought they were just mood swings, but after they went on for several months, he decided to speak to his friends about it. 

Mandy had distanced herself from Mark | Source: Pexels


His friends advised him to confront Mandy, but he didn't want to ruin his marriage based on a few rumors and mood swings. So he decided to install cameras in every corner of the house instead. OP explained:

"He had cameras in the bathroom, living room, their bedroom, basically everywhere but the room of his children."

After a few days, Mark's friends noticed something was off with him. They asked him what was wrong, so he opened up about what he saw in the camera footage. 

Mark had installed cameras in most rooms | Source: Unsplash


It was difficult for Mark to accept what he discovered because he and Mandy were high school sweethearts married for more than twenty years. OP recounted:

"He told us that he after several nights of reviving tape, found out that Mandy indeed, was cheating on him."

Mark was furious, but he didn't immediately confront his wife. Instead, he formulated a clever revenge plan to teach his wife a lesson. 

The footage revealed Mandy was cheating on Mark | Source: Unsplash


He got the other man's number through his sources and called him pretending to be an advertiser for a company that made body-cleansing pills. Mark knew he was overweight, and his smooth-talking skills convinced the man to listen to him. 

Mark pretended that the company had selected the man to participate in a lucky draw, so he asked him for his details, including his home and office addresses. 

He told the man that he would contact him again if he had won a prize through the company's lucky draw. The man had no idea he was talking to his girlfriend's husband.

Mark called the other man | Source: Unsplash


On Friday the same week, Mark packed all of Mandy's belongings and put them at the back of their van while she was at work. When she returned, he told her they were going on a trip. OP explained how she reacted:

"At first she was against it, but again the smooth talking convinced her to roll over pretty quick and she got in the van with him."

Mark had already dropped his children at a friend's house, so he didn't have to worry about them. Meanwhile, Mandy had no clue where he was taking her. She only heard him talking to someone over the phone. 

Mandy didn't know where they were going | Source: Pexels


Mark had called the man Mandy was cheating on him with, telling him that he had won a prize. He informed him that he was coming to deliver the gift.

Mandy thought Mark was pranking one of his friends, so she didn't ask him anything. She didn't realize what was happening until Mark pulled up outside the man's house. He got out of his car, shook the man's hand, and said:

 "Here is your prize sir, I believe you know what it is."

Mark shook his hand and told him about the prize | Source: Pexels


Mark looked at Mandy's shocked face one last time and drove back to his house. He won custody of his children because the law believed he was better than Mandy. His children also understood that their mother was at fault, but Mark didn't stop them from visiting her.

A few months later, Mark found out that Mandy had left the other man because he was violent. She also tried to get back into Mark's life, but he told her to stay away. 

OP confessed that he shared the story on Reddit because he wanted everyone to enjoy it. A Redditor named Fr000m appreciated Mark for taking the right step at the right time. He wrote, "Nice to see for once the male gets some justice."


OP shared the story on Reddit so everyone could enjoy it | Source: Unsplash

The Reddit user shared that if a man went to the courtroom to get custody of a child in his state, he would be at a disadvantage. NiceUsernameBro replied:


"If she did not start acting badly toward the person she was married to she could have kept it up for however long."

The Redditor believed Mark had started his investigation because Mandy's attitude towards him had changed. He wouldn't have known anything if she didn't change her behavior. 

A Redditor believed Mark wouldn't have known anything if Mandy hadn't changed her attitude | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think Mark should have confronted Mandy?

Mark decided not to confront his wife after he saw the footage. However, some people might think discussing the issue would have been a better option. What do you think?

Do you think the way Mark evicted Mandy from their house was wrong?

He put all of Mandy's belongings into his van and evicted her without discussing anything with her. Some people might think what he did was wrong and that he should have talked to her before taking such a big step. What do you think?

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