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Singing Homeless Man Picks up Girl with Down Syndrome, She Joins Him in a Cute Duet

Dayna Remus
Feb 01, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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Although non-verbal, an 8-year-old accessed the healing power of music. She chanted revolutionary waves across the internet and people's lives with a simple melody.


Nevaeh Phillips, a girl with Down Syndrome from Spartanburg, South Carolina, began to impact the world from a very young age.

With her naturally radiant energy, she brings positivity wherever she goes. She also has a reputation for bringing awareness to her genetic disorder.

Teiyon holding Nevaeh Phillips and singing with her [left]; Teiyon holding Nevaeh Phillips and singing with her [right]. | Source: facebook.com/CBSNews



In 2019, Nevaeh volunteered with her mother, Kimberly B. Phillips at a church where she connected with one homeless man. Speaking about her daughter's ability to click with others instantly, her mom said

“People are just in awe of her personality.”

Although he owned nothing, this man, Teiyon, offered the 8-year-old little girl his juice, which touched the mother's heart. He then suggested they sing together, to which the little girl excitedly agreed. 



This agreement led to a beautiful interaction between the duo that went viral on the internet. The homeless individual sang "I Understand" by Smokie Norful with a soulfully beautiful voice

All the while, Teiyon held the 8-year-old in his arms, who, despite being non-verbal for the most part, cutely chipped in now and then with music-like noises.

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This clip was shared on Facebook, spreading like wildfire and collecting 24,000 comments in the process. Out of all these remarks, one fellow netizen penned

"Their spirits recognize each other. ❤️"

Fellow Facebookers filled it with a rush of heart emojis, with many expressing what beautiful souls both the homeless man and Nevaeh are. 


The influence of this widely-loved video and the little girl's compassionate nature didn't stop there. She and her mother have built up a campaign called "Let your ACT be the IMPACT."

This movement is designed to inspire individuals to be considerate and take part in acts of kindness wherever they can in their everyday lives. 


Beyond this, some classmates from when Teiyon was younger saw the post online and reached out to him to assist him with his situation. 

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An alleged former classmate of Teiyon going by Hammie Mays commenting on a Facebook post by CBS News. | Source: facebook.com/CBSNews



Nevaeh was taken in by Kimberly at the incredibly young age of 9 years old. Looking after her daughter, the mom said, has been incredible, expressing

“I found my relationship with God through her. She’s taught me forgiveness and love.”

When it comes to her little girl being non-verbal, Kimberly expressed that no talking is needed for her illuminating baby to be inspirational. 



While Nevaeh was adopted when she was only days old, it can take some children with Down Syndrome quite a while to find adoptive families.

This long journey can be because of stigma or prospective parents being worried that they may not be able to cater to the special needs of a kid with this disorder. 


Alba, a baby girl with Down Syndrome, went through this harrowing journey. After 20 families rejected her, a single gay man decided to make her his daughter legally. 

Luca Trapanese instantly fell in love with the little girl and decided to adopt her. Of course, we believe that those other families are missing out because, just like Nevaeh, Alba is bound to shine just as bright. 


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