Elderly Mother Disappears without a Trace, 11 Years Later Her Children See Her Again

Lois Oladejo
Feb 05, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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A Californian woman went missing, leaving her children in fear for her safety. However, it took more than a decade before the family got the chance to answer their fears.


Kayannette Gabrielle suddenly left her family in April 2006 without anyone knowing her whereabouts. It took more than a decade before she was reunited with her family.

Gabrielle's life took a new turn after her children graduated from school. She moved to California, where she hoped to fulfill her lifelong dreams. She also picked up a hobby of traveling. However, during this period, her family lost touch with her.

Kayannette Gabrielle after she reconciled with her children. | Photo:


At first, her three children, Brett, Colette, and Jared, assumed she was on a trip to Australia. However, they got alarmed when they did not hear from her in months. Brett filed a missing person's report, and the long search for their mother began.

Things got frustrating for the concerned siblings as their search proved unsuccessful. They hired a private investigator, yet Gabrielle's whereabouts remained a mystery. 

Her email remained inactive for months, including her credit cards, leaving them hanging on the thought that the worst had happened to their aged mother. Things worsened when Gabrielle missed her mother's funeral. At that point, her children believed the worst.


Gabrielle's son, Brett, after eceiving a long-awaited call from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and reuniting with his mother. | Photo: 4 News


Gabrielle's son, Brett, received a long-awaited call from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, informing him of his mother's whereabouts. According to the sheriff's department, their mom lived on the street for about three years and was in Santa Barbara.


The police also told Brett that Gabrielle suffered from a mental condition and had no recollection of any history or family. As a result, she had a new identity and was known as Mary Roberts.

Officers further said that Gabrielle was found after she fell over a pier in the city. She was then given medical attention and treated for hypothermia before being sent to a shelter. 

A poster in which Kayannette Gabrielle's children used in searching for her | Photo: 4 News


A few weeks after that, she unexpectedly recalled her real name. She was still living in the shelter at the time. Authorities then researched her driver's license number and realized it had expired in 2008. However, it had her picture on it.

A few minutes after confirming her identity, Mureen Brown, the restorative court liaison for the city's police department, immediately put Gabrielle on a call with her family. According to Brett, he recognized his mother's voice when she spoke on the phone.

The family decided to take a trip to Santa Barbara to meet their mom, but Brown was concerned that she might not recall their faces. So, the siblings sent a selfie to Gabrielle, and surprisingly, she recognized them all, with tears streaming down her face.



Everything happened fast for the siblings who lived in different cities. The news of their mother's identity sparked a new wave of hope and optimism in their hearts. Although they felt confused, all that mattered was seeing their mother.

Brett and his siblings then met up with Brown and other officials who took care of their mother, and thankfully, she was in the best of conditions. The trio was touched that Gabrielle had received so much care.


The moment they all waited for finally came, and Gabrielle got the chance to share a hug with her children after more than a decade. They laughed, cried, and pondered how it all happened, but the best part was that it was all over. 

The siblings worked toward helping their mother settle into life again and creating new memories with her loved ones. Although she was quick to forget things, having her around was more than they could request.