Woman didn't know that the father of her child has a wife of 11 years, knocks on her door | Shutterstock
Source: Woman didn't know that the father of her child has a wife of 11 years, knocks on her door | Shutterstock

Woman Didn't Realize Father of Her Child Has a Wife of 11 Years, Decides to Knock on Her Door

Rita Kumar
Feb 08, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A wife who is head over heels with her loyal husband meets a young woman who exposes the guy’s double life. 


A 32-year-old woman took a uniquely interesting plight to Reddit’s notice, saying she was confused and her eyes swollen after accidentally discovering her husband’s double life.

Redditor iwantadollaror899728 was in a prosperous marriage, or so she thought. She thought she knew her husband Jonas, 36, very well as they’d been together for 11 years, married for nine. 

Raising their twin daughters, 8, and living a great life together, there was no trouble in their paradise until a young lady stood bawling at her doorstep. 

Woman meets stranger at her doorstep & discovers her husband's secretive double life | Photo: Shutterstock


Before elaborating on her ordeal, the Original Poster (OP) started with a synopsis involving her husband. Jonas worked in a certain branch of business that she didn’t go into detail about. 

He’d usually spend three months at work and three months at home. During his time away from family, the couple would often meet each other.

OP's husband spent 3 months at work & 3 months at home | Photo: Unsplash


Although it was inconvenient for OP, she stated it was okay since Jonas earned pretty well. Meanwhile, she strongly trusted him and never suspected him of anything. She claimed Jonas was “super honest” with her and would even candidly tell her about his attraction to other people.

OP and the woman cried together and couldn’t get over what Jonas had done to them.

OP thought her marriage was picture-perfect and transparent, with no room for red flags. However, she was horrified to discover Jonas lived a double life after opening the door to a stranger. 

The wife trusted her husband's loyalty & didn't see any red flags in their relationship | Photo: Unsplash


That weekend, OP’s husband was away on a business trip. She was alone with her kids when she heard someone knock on her door. 

A young woman, 29, stood there and introduced herself as “Cherry.” OP had no idea who she was and asked her for details. The woman suddenly broke down at the doorway so OP took her in to console her.

OP met a young woman at the doorstep | Photo: Pexels


Moments later, the woman started to talk about Jonas. OP was baffled, and as she wondered what the woman had to do with her husband, the stranger revealed some shocking secrets about him.

First, she told OP that she and Jonas had been living together for six years and had a 3-year-old son. OP was furious and yelled at the woman.

When she finally calmed down, Cherry told her that she snooped through Jonas’s company-paid apartment and that's when she found out he was married. 

The woman told OP that she & Jonas had been living together for six years | Photo: Unsplash


The woman revealed she decided to tell OP the truth after pondering the matter for over three months. OP and the woman cried together and couldn’t get over what Jonas had done to them.

The woman wasn’t legally married to Jonas because he told her he “never believed” in marriage. Though OP was his only legal spouse, the truth of his secret affair hit her hard.

The wife was clear-headed about divorcing Jonas after learning his secret, but she turned to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” sub for guidance and probably a little “husband roasting.” She also asked the sub if she should stay in touch with Cherry and introduce their kids.


OP decided to divorce her husband | Photo: Pexels

With around 13.5K upvotes, OP’s story amassed plenty of supporters plus a few critics who wanted her to verify Cherry’s claims.


“Talk to a lawyer first, please. Don’t do or say anything that might jeopardize your rights and claims during a divorce if you choose that path,” user civex advised

Some people were curious to know how the woman found OP’s address. A few others wondered if any friends or coworkers knew about Jonas’s double life.

People adviced OP to consult a lawyer | Photo: Pexels


“How did this other woman find you? Does Jonas not have ANY friends or coworkers at all?” Redditor StankyPeteTheThird questioned, adding:

“If he was staying at an apartment for 3 months, then your place for 3 months, when did he even have time for a second family?”

The woman found OP’s address on the weekly letter stack she and her daughters sent Jonas as a fun activity. OP then stated Jonas had been living three months at a time with both of them. 

The woman found OP's address on the mails Jonas's wife sent to him. | Photo: Pexels


Some users suggested OP keep an eye on Cherry and watch out for any reaction or evidence to support her claims about having an affair with Jonas.

“Please OP, if this story is true, keep a good eye on “Cherry” for a while. Ask her questions, make her prove her statements,” user mrnjav stated.

“Hi! Cherry came with a buttload of pictures and videos to prove it to me. Of course, I first thought that that was some crazy woman that wanted to ruin my marriage,” OP recounted.

The wife wasn’t out of shock and confusion and concluded that she’d be leaving the house for a few days until she organized a few things before initiating the legal proceedings.


OP left the house for a few days before initiating the legal proceedings for divorce | Photo: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP would’ve found out about her husband’s double life without meeting his secret girlfriend?


OP stated she trusted her husband and never suspected him of infidelity. However, seeds of doubt bred in her mind after meeting his girlfriend, who revealed their secret life outside of marriage. Still, it’s guesswork if OP would’ve discovered about the other woman in her husband’s life without meeting her. 

Should OP divorce her husband, would it in any way help Jonas justify his affair?

Although OP found out about her husband’s extramarital affair with the woman, the reason that led him to have a relationship out of marriage is still unclear. OP stated she would begin the legal proceedings after getting her priorities set, and it’s anybody’s guess if she’d accept Jonas’s justification about his affair. How would you handle the situation if you were OP? Would you consider divorce as the only option like how OP did?

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