Daughter Can't Stand Seeing Mom Struggle to Care For Disabled Sister, Begs Rich Businessman to Help

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 09, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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A teenage girl watched her mother struggle to look after her disabled sister. When the old van that her mom used to transport the family broke down, the girl decided to seek help from a local businessman. What happened next was utterly unexpected.


We all go through trials and tribulations from time to time. Sometimes, we survive the hardships alone, but other times, a little help from a stranger or loved one can make a huge difference in our lives.

While some people prefer not to ask for help, others feel better in reaching out and sharing their problems. Expecting such actions from grown-ups makes sense, but imagine a youngster calling for help out of pure concern for her family.

Dani Levi comforts a teary-eyed Katherine [Left]. Maiya breaks down after receiving a brand new van from Dani's Auto [Right]. | Photo:



You read it right; children are known for their affectionate nature. They have hearts of gold that deeply feel, love, and care for friends, family, and even strangers. 16-year-old Maiya from West Philadelphia was no different. 

The teenager didn't hesitate to ask for help, knowing that her family desperately needed it. Every day, Maiya watched her mother, Katherine, struggling to look after her severely disabled sister, Mariah. 

Katherine served as a special-needs patient advocate for Mariah, who was blind, had cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. Her spine had also fused, and she was in a wheelchair. 


Maiya wrote an email to Dani's Auto, seeking help for her mother. | Photo:


Resultantly, Mariah required around-the-clock nursing care, which she received from her doting mother. Katherine devotedly carried out her role as a mother, homemaker, and nurse and never wavered in her duties. 


Maiya's email to Dani's Auto might seem unusual to some, but it isn't the first time a youngster sought help to ease someone's pain.

Maiya watched as her selfless mother took Mariah to doctor's appointments and ensured she was always cared for. She also noticed when things became difficult for her mom after their old van stopped running.

Maiya's mother, Katherine. | Photo:



Then, the desperate teen started looking for help. Maiya stumbled upon a local car dealer, Dani's Auto, and discovered they had previously engaged in community outreach. One day in 2017, she decided to write them an email, hoping they'd respond.

Fortunately, the local business received the letter, and one of their heads, Joe Levi, expressed: "What was special about this email is it wasn't someone asking for help. There was a story behind it, and I could relate to the story."

After learning about the family's struggles, Joe mentioned he felt propelled to help make things better for them. Soon afterward, Dani's Auto replied to Maiya's email and told her they would visit her house and have a look at her mom's old van.


Maiya shares an emotional hug with her mother. | Photo:


But what nobody saw coming was the surprise in store for Maiya's family. Dani's Auto arrived bearing gifts, and the grandest one was a brand new blue van with removable seats so that Katherine could take Mariah to the doctor and other events.


Dani Levi, the owner of Dani's Auto, presented Katherine with the van's keys, which came with a free four-year warranty. The family also received a whopping five-hundred-dollar gift card. 

Fox 29 Philadelphia's popular segment "For Goodness' Sake with Bill Anderson" captured the emotional moment when Dani's Auto visited Maiya's house and surprised her mom with the new service van.


There was no dry eye in the house as Katherine and Maiya extended their heartfelt gratitude to Dani's Auto for their generosity. Most importantly, Maiya's call for help shows her appreciation for her mother's sacrifices.

Maiya's email to Dani's Auto might seem unusual to some, but it isn't the first time a youngster sought help to ease someone's pain. A six-year-old girl from Brazil wrote a letter to Santa, asking for a wheelchair for her elderly neighbor so that he could visit her.

You can read the full story here. 


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