Does Leslie Jordan Have a Wife? He Once Received a Marriage Proposal

Laura Beatham
Feb 11, 2022
03:35 A.M.
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"Will & Grace" actor Leslie Jordan once revealed he hated himself for his sexuality, and it took him a while to accept himself and feel content with his life. 


Actor Leslie Jordan is a gay iconic known for his roles in "Will & Grace" as Beverly Leslie, "Sordid Lives," "American Horror Story," "The Help," and many other TV and movies roles. 

His most recent TV gig sees him portray Phil, a baker dumped by his longtime partner for a younger man in the Mayim Bialik led series "Call Me Kat."

Leslie Jordan pictured during an Interview on "The Ellen Show" in 2021 | Photo: YouTube/TheEllenShow


Like his many characters, Jordan is gay. He once remarked that the characters he plays are just exaggerated versions of himself. Usually, his characters are very out and proud of their gayness, flashy, and sassy. 

Although Jordan is proud of his homosexuality now and has become known for retelling hilarious anecdotes from his life on Instagram, there was once a time in his youth that he hated himself for being gay. 


The 66-year-old told Page Six that homophobia and self-loathing were instilled in him while growing up in a church-going Tennessee family in the 1950s. He told the outlet:

"I think for myself when you know something in your heart and you're [told] that's just wrong … I talk to a lot of my gay friends and I say it's a wonder we're even alive!"

Jordan believes his sobriety and a 12 step program helped him accept and find peace with his sexual orientation. The actor battled alcoholism for years and got sober in 1997. 


He explained that his sobriety journey was also a journey into his "queerdom" because he had so much internalized homophobia and self-hatred and had used alcohol to deal with his issues. 

Growing up, Jordan walked away from the church because of its beliefs about homosexuality, but another step in his self-acceptance was firmly believing that God made him and he was no mistake.


Jordan has been living his truth for quite some time now. During the pandemic, he became an Instagram phenomenon by sharing stories about growing up being different, starting his career in Los Angeles, and a few stories about his dating life. 

Although he is currently single, he once admitted that like dated "straight boys" for many years and dated one for ten years. His partner was 20 years younger than him but was smitten for Jordan as the actor recalled:

"It was an online thing for a long time. He flew to LA three days before I left for London. After three days he asked me to marry him, and I will."


The pair had a fantastic connection and could talk endlessly. Jordan told his lover after he proposed that he would go to London for 30 days and when he got back they could see what happened. But they never got married. 

Of course, that does not mean Jordan stopped thinking about finding someone to marry. The actor jokingly proposed to "New Girl" actor Max Greenfield. Although Greenfield did not say no, he did explain he was straight and married already.