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5-Year-Old Girl with Autism Interrupts Wedding Photoshoot after Mistaking Bride for Cinderella

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 15, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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When a mother realized her daughter approached a bride in the middle of her wedding photoshoot, she was ready to apologize for the interruption. However, the bride's reaction surprised her. 


Children grow up believing in fairytales and magical characters, and one lucky girl had the opportunity to meet a princess in real life. When five-year-old Layla Lester saw a woman in a white ball gown near Akron Falls Park, New York, she was thrilled.

The little girl ran toward the woman she believed was Cinderella and held her arms open, signaling that she was ready for a big hug. Layla's mother, Jessica Lester, realized what had happened and quickly headed toward the woman.

Layla Lester runs toward Olivia Spark during her wedding photoshoot | Photo: facebook.com/NicoleWickinsPhotographyPage



Layla was autistic, and Jessica revealed that she had become accustomed to apologizing for her daughter's behavior. However, this time, there was no need for an apology, and the mother was relieved. 

Olivia Spark was in the park taking her wedding photos in 2018 when she heard a little girl calling out "Cinderella, Cinderella!" while running toward her. Instead of viewing Layla as an interruption, Spark embraced the moment. 

Olivia Spark hugs and spends time with Layla Lester | Photo: Youtube/CBS Evening News



The beautiful bride was happy to go along with it, and she shared: "I was more than happy to be cinderella for that little girl." Spark, a heavy equipment operator, proved that not all princesses wear glass slippers and fancy dresses.

The encounter was captured by photographer Nicole Wickins who could not help but take pictures of Spark and Layla's unique interaction. She said

I was really caught off guard because there’s a little girl that none of us had known, so I wasn’t sure if I should take pictures. But it kind of just felt like the thing to do.”



Jessica was grateful to Spark for making her daughter's day and shared that the moment was one they would never forget. The mother added: "She was just so sweet with her and just kept talking to her and asking her questions. Layla loved her."


Spark was emotional and flattered by the massive online reaction. She also stayed in contact with the little girl and visited her at home wearing her big white wedding dress. It was evident that Spark would always be a friend to Layla. 



Autistic children are often misunderstood by their peers and by adults. Thankfully Spark showed Layla the love and consideration she deserved, just like 55,000 caring people did for Daniel Harrison last year.

Daniel, a teen with autism, had no friends and desperately longed for companionship. Many users responded when his father, Kevin Harrison, shared the story online. He asked people to wish his son a happy birthday.

Thousands of them did, and Kevin was stunned. His son felt like a star receiving messages from people worldwide, including celebrities like Russell Crowe. This sweet gesture, similar to Spark, who embraced Layla, showed just how much a kind action could mean to children and their parents. 


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