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Arian Moayed Shares 2 Daughters with His Wife Krissy Shields - Meet His Family

Esther NJeri
Feb 15, 2022
01:40 P.M.
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He is a Tony Award nominee and an acclaimed actor, famous for performing as Musa in Broadway's "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo." The actor is also a husband and a father of two. 


Arian Moayed was born in Iran, but his family moved to the US and settled in Chicago when he was only five. While in University, he appeared in plays by William Shakespeare, Carlos Goldoni, and Samuel Beckett.

After graduating, he moved to New York. Together with director Tom Ridgely, he co-founded Waterwell, a film and theatre company based in New York. Waterwell has produced numerous shows and stage productions since its inception. 

Arian Moayed at the December 13, 2021 premiere of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


One of the shows produced under Waterwell is the thriller "The Accidental Wolf." The Emmy-nominated film perfectly embodies twisty plotlines about artificial pandemics, presidential conspiracy theories, racial and cultural tensions, and military coverups. 

First written in 2015, the show was way ahead of its time, and Moayed, who co-wrote it, describes it as an "unbelievably uncomfortably messy" type of "response to the world at hand."


It showcases the mistreatment of developing countries by the Western nations. It also depicts how men have always overpowered women unfairly and unjustly since the dawn of time, treating them as second-class citizens. He says:

"I grew up in a very Iranian feminist household. And those words might seem confusing to a reader because they might not go together. But Iranians are massive feminists."


The show is hell-bent on challenging everyone with the question of how far one would go for a stranger. And while he says his intention was not to write a feminist piece, the movement is a cause that the Moayed family duly supports.

In a tweet made on Moayed's wife's account, the family of four is pictured in t-shirts with inscriptions reading "F is for Feminist" and "Feminist in Training" to imply that the family is all in support of the movement. 


Away from his title as an acclaimed actor, Moayed is a family man. He is a husband and a doting father to two daughters, Ivy Shireen and Olive Joon that he is not afraid to show off on social media.

This year, he appreciated his three ladies with a cute Instagram post, accompanied by three heart emojis for Valentine's Day. He captioned it:

"Happy Valentines Day to Kris and my little ladies!!! They're my ❤️❤️❤️!"


His wife, Krissy Shields, is a producer and an actress, known for the 2008 "The Christians" and the 2011 "The Last Gamble." But away from acting, she advocates for women's and children's rights.

She is also a yoga devotee. After her first yoga training with Jonathan Fields, she started a self-awareness journey, which has helped her in many aspects of her life. 


As she continues her studies in holistic health, positive psychology, and herbal medicine, she says yoga has helped her in her path to working with women and mothers. She has also become a better mother to her daughters. 

And as Shields continues reinventing herself in her role as a teacher, her husband continues to produce and star in numerous films, with the latest being "Inventing Anna." 

In the film, which premiered on Netflix on February 11, he plays Todd Spodek, a criminal defense attorney representing the enigmatic "fake German heiress" Anna Delvey.