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Fiancée Leaves Guy at the Altar for His Brother, Later Announces Pregnancy

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 22, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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When the man's brother went bankrupt, he asked him for money. Their family also hinted that he should help his brother, but the man refused. 


The man shared his reasons for not helping his brother despite being financially stable. His wife agreed with him and suggested his brother should get a new job and earn money himself. 

Something strange had happened in the past that made the man resent his brother. He revealed the secrets of the past in a detailed Reddit post. 

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The man with the Reddit username SyllabubEntire2038 opened up about the most humiliating moment of his life that happened ten years ago.

His ex-fiancée, Tammy, ditched him at the last moment and went on a honeymoon with his brother. He shared what she wrote in her note:

"[S]he told me she loved him since high school but he was never interested so she used me to get to him."

OP's fiancée liked his brother way back in high school | Source: Unsplash


Despite her claims of unconditional love, the woman fell in love with OP's (Original Poster's) brother, Mike, after spending a night with him.

Last week, OP's family told him that Mike and Tammy were expecting their fifth child.

OP shared that he had a hard time after she left him. Every time he would try to move on, looking at the faces of his family members would stop him.

OP had a hard time after his girlfriend left him | Source: Unsplash


However, things got better as time passed. He confessed he didn't talk to Mike and his wife for ten years, but his family was in contact with them. He explained:

"For the first two years my family hid they had any contact with him"

After two years, OP's family revealed that Tammy was expecting her first child, so Mike planned to marry her soon. They asked him to "get over it" and attend his brother's wedding. 

Tammy was expecting her first child | Source: Unsplash


OP confessed he was hurt, so he asked Tammy and Mike not to invite him to any event. He also told them not to expect him to forgive them. He recalled:

"I simply asked they not invite me to anything they would be at or expect me to forgive him which they tired multiple times to make us talk but after a year of no contact they got the picture."

Last week, OP's family told him that Mike and Tammy were expecting their fifth child. They also revealed that Mike went bankrupt because his business wasn't going well, and Tammy had lost her job.

Mike went bankrupt | Source: Pexels


OP's family hinted that Mike and Tammy needed money, expecting OP and his wife to help financially. OP's wife simply refused, asking them to tell Mike to get a job. 

After a while, OP received a call from an unknown number. He hesitated to take the call at first but later answered it. It was Mike and Tammy on the other end.  

They accused OP of punishing their children for something that had happened in the distant past. His brother also asked him how it felt to be "the reason his kids go hungry."

Mike believed OP was the reason his kids would go to sleep hungry | Source: Unsplash


When OP told his brother that wasn't his problem, they started yelling/crying, so OP hung up. His family turned against him and believed he was unfairly "taking his anger out" on Mike's innocent children. 

OP posted his story on Reddit, asking other people if he was at fault for refusing to help his brother. MissMurderpants replied, saying OP's wife did the right thing. She explained:

"She is right. Plus, she is truly all the family you need."

Most Redditors praised OP's wife | Source: Unsplash


The Redditor confessed she would have sued Tammy for stealing her boyfriend if she had been in her place.

skydiamond01 also agreed that OP's wife was right. "The audacity of Mike and Tammy calling and screaming like they have any high moral ground is laughable," she added. The Reddit user advised OP to block Mike and Tammy and enjoy his life. Another Redditor replied:

"Mike did you a huge favor when he took Tammy off your hands."

The Reddit user also felt that if OP's family members pitched in, they would raise enough money for his brother's family. Most Redditors agreed that OP's wife was right, and he wasn't at fault. 


Other Redditors asked OP to enjoy his life with his family | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should have forgiven his brother and ex?


OP confessed that he hadn't forgiven his brother and ex. Some people might think he should have let it go since he was doing better than them in life. However, others might feel their betrayal was unforgivable. 

Do you think OP should help his brother's family?

OP's family felt he should help his brother because he was in need. However, OP thought he wasn't responsible for their problems and believed they should deal with them themselves. What do you think? Should OP help them?

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