Selfless 11-Year-Old Boy Rushes onto a Busy Road to Save Dog Hit by a Car

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 17, 2022
09:40 P.M.

When a young boy saw a fluffy animal in the middle of a busy road, he jumped into the oncoming traffic to save the helpless dog. His courageous actions were praised by many.


Eleven-year-old Jean Fernandes is a brave boy from Brazil who has a heart for animals. When he came across a dog in 2013, he did not think twice before attempting a rescue mission, even if it put his life at risk.

The youngster noticed that the brown dog was not moving and realized something must have been the matter. His suspicions were correct as it was later confirmed the dog was injured in a hit-and-run car accident.

Jean Fernandes rescues an injured dog from oncoming traffic | Source: facebook.com/OfficialCaresOneNo

Jean Fernandes rescues an injured dog from oncoming traffic | Source: facebook.com/OfficialCaresOneNo



The driver of the vehicle did not stop to assist the dog, and if not for Fernandes, the adorable canine might not have survived. The boy's mother, Rubia Liliana Rose, was proud of her son and shared that his actions were not surprising.

She revealed that he adored animals and often looked out for the abandoned and injured pets he came across. The dog, Honey, or Mel in Portuguese, was taken to the vet and was reported to have recovered well.

Jean Fernandes saves a dog stuck in the middle of the road | Source: youtube.com/frajolaboy

Jean Fernandes saves a dog stuck in the middle of the road | Source: youtube.com/frajolaboy



The incident was captured by Rafaela Martin and quickly went viral online. Many people applauded the youngster and called him a superhero who deserved a medal for his bravery and compassion.

A user said: "God bless you. You are truly a hero, and thank you. This brought tears of joy to my eyes." One netizen wrote: "Doing such an act of kindness at such an age makes me wonder what great parents raised you."

Jean Fernandes and the dog he rescued | Source: youtube.com/frajolaboy

Jean Fernandes and the dog he rescued | Source: youtube.com/frajolaboy



Another netizen added: "Beautiful young man, kind heart, and brave. I hope the very best in life is his." Users were also stunned by Fernandes' maturity.

They indicated that he would undoubtedly grow into a great man because he displayed admirable characteristics such as bravery and kindness. As one commenter stated Fernandes was "a wonderful young man, with all his priorities right."



No matter how tough they may appear, animals are vulnerable in dangerous situations like busy roads or house fires. When an apartment started burning in Iowa, a team of firefighters, including Malcolm Cortner, managed to save the day.

They rescued the civilians and their 16-month-old Mastiff dog last year. Sadly, the vet gave the owners bad news. Their dog needed expensive treatment that they could not afford—their only option was to euthanize him.



Thankfully, firefighter Cortner volunteered to adopt the dog instead. He arranged the treatment and helped the animal make a full recovery. Many users praised his actions and were glad the dog was given a second chance at life.

Cortner was thrilled to have gained a new best friend, much like animal lover Fernandes who was happy to have rescued an injured canine from a dangerous situation. Both individuals were selfless and deserved to be called heroes.

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