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Who Is Bronny James Dating? He Was Once Trolled for Being with His Alleged Girlfriend

Laura Beatham
Feb 21, 2022
08:30 A.M.
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NBA superstar LeBron James's 17-year-old son, Bronny James, has already made headlines with his dating and love life, and fans have speculated who the teenager is dating. 


LeBron Raymone "Bronny" James Jr, LeBron James's teenage son, is a Basketball player and esports streamer. However, instead of being interested in his sporting abilities, many fans are curious about his love life. 

The teenager has seemed to live a low profile and kept his dating life under wraps until he became more active on social media. In 2020, fans speculated about his dating life after he made a return to Instagram and liked an Instragam model's photo. 

LeBron "Bronny" James Jr. and his father LeBron James at the Ohio Scholastic Play-By-Play Classic, 2019, Columbus, Ohio [Right]. Bronny's alleged girlfriend, Peyton [Right] |Source: Getty Images & Instagram/peytongelfuso


The high-schooler was absent from Instagram after he was allegedly grounded for smoking what appeared to be a joint in a video on his Instagram Stories, which he quickly deleted. 

Rumors circled about Bronny being grounded after he missed a live streaming session with Odell Beckham Jr., the wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. They were supposed to play the video game "Call of Duty."


As soon as Bronny returned to the social media platform, a user on Twitter posted a screenshot of the young NBA star liking a photo from an Instagram model named Isabella. 

Fans online quickly assumed that his like on the photo meant that he and the model could be an item. However, neither Bronny nor the Instagram model confirmed any rumors. 


The athlete was linked to a TikTok star named Peyton Sama. Rumors first sparked that they were together after she posted a video on the platform of them acting silly and playful together in 2020. 

Neither Bronny nor Sama has posted photos of each other on their respective Instagram pages. Neither of the teenagers confirmed or denied the rumors at the time.


Most recently, Bronny was rumored to be dating a teenager named Peyton Gelfuso. The two were spotted going on dates, and Peyton watched his basketball games. He has not confirmed their relationship, but he does follow her on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, with Bronny's social media following and his famous father, he has faced criticism online for dating girls who are white, as many trolls on Twitter have previously questioned his dating choices. 


According to Black Enterprise, users online had mixed opinions about Bronny's possible love interests. Many questions how he could choose to date a white girl after growing up with his beautiful Black mother, Savannah.

Others came to his defense and explained that people date whoever is in their environment, and he happens to be surrounded by white girls, so obviously, he might date a white girl.


While other users criticized the individuals questioning his choice of a romantic partner, one user stated people should be embarrassed if they are upset about a child's decision to date whoever they want. Another said it was not Bronny's problem if other's argued about his romantic partners. 

Of course, Bronny is still a young man, and there's no telling where his love life or career may end up. Although there will always be trolls waiting to criticize him, he will always have fans rooting for him, no matter where he goes in life.