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Rich Man Returns Home from Restaurant with Wife and Kicks Her and Daughter Out

Rita Kumar
Feb 28, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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After kicking his wife and her teenage daughter out of his house at midnight, a man asked random strangers online if he was wrong. Surprisingly, most of them said he shouldn't have stopped at just kicking the two out.


The internet raced to support Redditor aitafor11111 for ousting his wife and her daughter after he caught the teen destroying an expensive asset. Although his mom criticized him despite hearing him out, the man took his plight to social media seeking better judgment.

In his post, the 32-year-old Original Poster (OP) first elaborated on his relationship with his wife of one year, Andy, 34. Although the couple got along well, OP's only problem was with Andy's 15-year-old daughter, Carrie, from a previous marriage.

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OP was aware Andy had lost her husband to a car accident five years ago and decided to bring sunshine into the two ladies' lives. The couple took it slow and Andy never introduced OP to her daughter until they were serious about their combined future.

The friction in their relationship escalated after OP married Andy and offered them to move in with him. OP gave the girl more time to adapt to the situation, although he never wanted to replace her father. Deep inside, he hoped Carrie would someday embrace him as her family, but to his horror, that was far from reality.

Twice a week, OP was compelled to sort things with his neighbors after Carrie often picked a fight with them. She'd mess up the kitchen, throw expensive stuff out of the window, and try everything to vent her frustration on her stepdad. OP kept trying to win her heart but ended up losing his temper after she exceeded his limits. 


OP's stepdaughter often made a mess by breaking & throwing his things around | Source: Unsplash

OP admitted to having a bad temper but he never laid his hands on the girl. He left the punishing to his wife as he felt Andy could do it better. Unsurprisingly, nothing helped straighten Carrie's ways.


[H]e threatened to sue the girl if she didn't pay for the damage.

Although OP put up with her erratic behavior for a year, he said she surpassed all boundaries with a recent episode of intentional property vandalism that prompted him to oust her out of his house immediately.

OP did everything he could to control his bad temper | Source: Pexels


On the night of the incident, OP had returned home with Andy from dinner when he spotted his garage door wide open. When the couple entered, they found Carrie destroying OP's expensive car, a BMW X5 he purchased eight months ago.

He froze, seeing Carrie destroy it like it was nothing. She had slashed the tires and scratched the car's surface with her keys, amounting to a whopping $6K in repairs.

In the heat of the moment, OP yelled at the girl and asked her to get out. To his dismay, his wife sided with her and lashed out at him for being rude and expletive. OP had had enough and told his wife to get out if she was still okay with Carrie destroying his expensive stuff.  Then he threatened to sue the girl if she didn't pay for the damage.


The guy caught his wife's daughter destroying his expensive car | Source: Pexels

Although Andy tried to talk OP out of it, he disagreed and, around 15 minutes later, watched her and the girl exit his house at midnight.


Moments later, OP snapped to his senses and realized he could've handled the situation a lot better. Though he was hell-bent on divorcing his wife and suing Carrie for destroying his car, he sought opinions from random strangers on the internet if he was the one to blame here.

While several people flocked to support OP, a few of them proclaimed he could not sue a 16-year-old, and since he was married, he'd end up suing himself.

OP ousted his wife & her daughter | Source: Unsplash


"You can't sue your own family. As the girl is 16, she can't be liable, and thus it's going to fall back on her guardian, the mother. As they are married, you're basically suing yourself," Redditor Evilbred stated.

However, OP asserted, "I live in Central Europe and law in my country says that after the age of 15 you can be held accountable for your actions legally," adding:

"So yes, I could sue a 16y.o...I don't know that if I sue Carry, her mother will end up being the one who has to pay for the damage."

As the discussion heated up, OP's avid supporters blamed his wife but also held her responsible for not controlling her teen daughter's misbehavior.


OP threatened to take legal action against his wife's daughter | Source: Pexels

"If your wife had any respect for you or your marriage, she would've handled it before it got to this point. The kid needs therapy, but things like that don't fly in the real world," user skittlesNwhiskey289 declared.


OP said his relationship with his wife and her daughter had been strained due to the traumatic incident. "We went to lawyer's office and signed the divorce papers...Because I reported Carrie to the police, she will have a criminal record, and in a couple of weeks, she will be facing something like a civil rights court," he stated.

OP divorced his wife & reported the girl to the cops | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

What could parents/stepparents like OP and his wife do in order to pacify a child like Carrie?

OP and his wife tried to be careful with Carrie so as not to upset her with their marriage. OP also said he tried to be patient with Carrie until the final straw. Could the couple have done something to change Carrie's perspective about their marriage and to make her more accepting of OP?

Was OP's decision to kick his wife and her daughter out at midnight regretful?

As a conclusive statement, OP said he could've handled the situation calmly though he predicted he'd lose his cool owing to the girl's nonstop antics he had to deal with earlier. He claimed he was annoyed with her constantly destroying his belongings and lost his temper after he caught her damaging his hard-earned dream car. Although the internet deemed OP as faultless, what's your opinion on his reaction? Do you think he could've let his wife and the girl stay until morning instead of kicking them out at night?

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