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Father Kicks Daughter Out for Being Trans, Months Later He Has to Sell the House

Rita Kumar
Feb 13, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A father who kicked his teen daughter out of the house for being trans thought nobody would take a stand for her until his son’s wife executed her revenge. 


A woman pulled off an ultimate payback on her in-laws after they kicked her teenage sister-in-law when she came out as a trans woman.

Posting to Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” sub, user LivingBunch6371 described how she made her in-laws pay for the horrible way they treated their daughter after discovering her gender orientation and life choices. 

Father kicked teen daughter out for being trans, daughter-in-law devises an ultimate payback | Photo: Shutterstock


With over 19K upvotes and counting, this woman’s story amassed not only incredible support but also some angry lot who believed love wins regardless of gender.

The Original Poster (OP)’s sister-in-law confessed she was trans at 18, much to her parents’ frustration. They deemed her outspokenness unbearable and kicked her out at 8 pm, without any money, documents, and car keys.

The teen walked 8 miles to OP’s place and cried a great deal when she knocked on their door. Luckily, the couple took her in without hesitation. Meanwhile, the in-laws’ wickedness leveled up as they’d decided it wasn’t evil enough to make their teen daughter homeless.


After being kicked out at night, the teen walked 8 miles to her sister-in-law's place | Photo: Pexels

They refused to hand over any of her documents until OP’s brother-in-law barged into their house to possess them. Still, the elderly couple was hell-bent on trying a few other ways to let their daughter down. 


She claimed her in-laws could’ve still had the house had they just stopped at kicking her sister-in-law out.

They sold her car, which was registered under their name, and still unsatisfied, hawked on the $8K she’d saved working part-time to ensure she was penniless.

The parents sold the teen's car & blew up her savings | Photo: Pexels


Meanwhile, OP realized her employer would be the key to helping her devise clean-cut revenge on them. OP’s father-in-law was a businessman, and his biggest client was her employer, who treated his employees as family. She’d helped her father-in-law secure the contract that brought him a good chunk of profits. 

After she told her boss about what her in-laws did to their daughter, he suggested they switch suppliers if she found someone who offered a similar deal within the same price. Assured they weren’t obligated to buy from her father-in-law, OP spent the next six months finding a new supplier.

Meanwhile, her father-in-law was unaware of the change in the deal and was overly confident his client wouldn’t switch suppliers. This is where OP’s brilliance came in—she didn’t disclose the information to her boss immediately and waited for the right time.


OP's father-in-law was a successful businessman & her boss was his client | Photo: Pexels

OP knew her in-laws had been planning to do a major renovation for a while, and it involved tearing down a significant portion of their property. So, she eagerly waited until the project started to bring her revenge into action.


After the renovations had begun, she informed her boss and started getting supplies from the new supplier, leading to a significant downfall in her father-in-law’s business.

Eventually, OP’s in-laws were compelled to sell their half-torn house since they struggled to attract new customers to save their business. 

The in-laws were compelled to sell their half-torn house for a lesser value to save their business | Photo: Unsplash


OP learned that her father-in-law managed to fix a few things in his business but still hadn't bought a new house. She claimed her in-laws could’ve still had the house had they just stopped at kicking her sister-in-law out. 

After reading OP’s narrative, many people applauded her for avenging her sister-in-law’s wrongdoers and lashed out at the in-laws for shunning their daughter just because she came out. 

Although OP's father-in-law managed to fix a few things in his business, he couldn't buy a new house | Photo: Pexels


“As a father, I really don’t understand how you can suddenly be so awful to your child after they tell you something that is completely out of their control. How does that even work?” Redditor Big_Bad_Boogeyman stated.

“I think some parents don’t actually love their child, but rather an idea of a child,” user Janikole said, adding:

“If the living, breathing kid doesn’t conform to that idea, they get mad and feel betrayed.”

Several parents related to OP's story & applauded her for taking a stand for her sister-in-law | Photo: Unsplash


After rummaging through the comments, OP answered a few questions and updated readers on her sister-in-law, citing she was a strong woman regardless of what her parents said. 

“We were worried about her for a while, but she is a tough woman, and she got back up and is thriving right now,” she shared

The teen bounced back & was thriving with her life choices | Photo: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

If you were the in-laws in this situation, how would you react?

Most who sided with OP’s payback argued that it is the right of the children to live their lives their way, and as parents, it’s essential to support them in such scenarios. They even questioned how it could be possible for some parents like the in-laws in this story to forget their love and abandon their children after knowing their life choices. As a parent, how would you handle this situation?

Do years of love for a child fade away after discovering their gender orientations?


OP narrated how her sister-in-law’s parents kicked her out after she came out at 18 and took away everything from her. The people online said they couldn’t understand this concept and why some parents like OP’s in-laws prioritize social stigmas over their children and their life choices. Do you think all love is lost between the parents and their daughter after this? 

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