December 10, 2021

Mother Forbids Son to Attend Gay Friend's Wedding or He Forfeits His $5 Million Inheritance

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When the man told his mother about his gay best friend's wedding, she asked him not to attend it and threatened to take away his inheritance money if he did. Confused, he posted his story on Reddit, seeking advice from other users.

The 29-year-old man revealed that his mother was in poor health, suffering from diabetes and obesity, and with a family history of heart disease.

Despite being in this state of health, his 65-year-old mother insisted he shouldn't attend his best friend's wedding. She also threatened to take away the millions of dollars his father left as an inheritance if he did. 

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The Redditor with the username Professional-Tax-743 confessed that his mother always disliked his friend because of his sexual orientation. 

OP (Original Poster) suspected his mother thought he was also gay, but her doubts cleared when he proposed to his fianceé and they got engaged. 

Knowing what she thought about his best friend, OP decided to tell his mother that he was not only attending the wedding, but he was also the best man. 

OP planned to be the best man on his best friend's wedding | Source: Unsplash


He instantly regretted telling her this because she lost her cool after hearing it. She told him not to attend the wedding and used his inheritance as a bargaining chip. "We'll see how much you get," she threatened.

OP confessed he felt hurt after hearing his best friend's words.

OP was disappointed to see his mother's reaction because he had never imagined her using his father's estate to threaten him. 

OP's mother threatened him | Source: Pexels


He disclosed that his father passed away a few years ago but left the family with a lot of money. Even after splitting the estate with his brothers, OP would inherit more than $5 million. He explained:

"My dad passed away about 5 years ago and provided very well for us, annuity, stocks and 2 property houses rented out"

OP tried to convince his mother to let him attend the wedding, but she disagreed, adding she wasn't going to let him inherit the money unless he promised not to go to his best friend's wedding. 

OP's father left a lot of money for his family | Source: Unsplash


Confused, OP talked to his fianceé about it, and she believed he could do without the inheritance money and still live a comfortable life since they had successful careers and earned a lot of money. 

However, OP still felt he couldn't let go of the inheritance money since it would help him towards an early retirement and a less stressful life. 

He decided to talk to his best friend and ask him to have a long engagement because he believed his mother was not "going to last much longer," but OP's best friend replied:

"You're choosing your homophobic mom over me."


He didn't know what to do next | Source: Unsplash

OP confessed he felt hurt after hearing his best friend's words. However, he also couldn't force him to delay his wedding. Confused, he posted his story on Reddit, asking other people if he would be at fault for not attending the wedding. 


A user named milee30 replied that OP and his mother were both at fault for "playing the game." They pointed out that OP's mother would control all of his moves in the future by using his inheritance money to threaten him. The user commented:

"Sounds like an unappealing way to live for years to me, but we all have to make our own choices."

OP decided to post his story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash


Aapudding highlighted two ways of looking at OP's situation: morally and practically. Morally, no one would tell OP to miss his friend's wedding for $5 million, but practically, that's a lot of money to leave.  KhaiPanda replied:

"The moral part of me wants to be like, "how dare you!!!" But 5 million is 5 million."

Another user told OP to do what he felt like because some people would say that he would be at fault for abandoning his best friend's wedding, while others would insist him not to give up the $5 million. 

OP was confused. Should he choose his inheritance money over his best friend's wedding? | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

If you were OP, would you skip your best friend's wedding to claim your inheritance or risk forfeiting it by attending the wedding? Some people, like OP, would consider not attending the wedding because they believe giving up the inheritance money would be a mistake. However, other people would choose to prioritize their friendship over money. 

If you were OP's best friend, would you take offense at OP for skipping your wedding in favor of the $5 million, or would you be supportive considering the amount of money your friend would be losing by attending your wedding? Like OP's best friend, some people take offense when their best friend refuses to attend their wedding. In comparison, other people don't create a fuss about it if they know the reason behind their friend's absence. 

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