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Rich Old Lady Leaves Inheritance Worth Millions – One Who Cared for Her until Death Gets Nothing

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 27, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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After the death of an old woman, her family discovered her hidden wealth. They had no idea she was a millionaire and were surprised to find out what was written in her will. 


The woman's granddaughter opened up about the hidden wealth on Reddit. She recalled being shocked after seeing the will for the first time. 

Not only was the woman surprised by the will, but her entire family also felt the same. They wanted the wealth to be split equally among everyone. 

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The woman with the Reddit username Inhergrand8 revealed that her grandmother was a billionaire, and she also owned the family business. In her will, the woman explained:

"[I]t stated that everything’s including all the family heirlooms where going to my sister because she was the best of the family."

She confessed that everyone in her family tried their best to prove that they were better than her sister, but her grandmother still decided to give everything to her. 

OP discovered that her grandmother was a billionaire | Source: Pexels


OP (Original Poster) shared that the competition of proving themselves better had taken a toll on their mental health. They had developed anxiety issues while OP's sister remained unaffected. 

She couldn't handle the truth when OP told her what was happening.

The woman also shared that she was the one who had taken care of her grandmother the most in her final days. Despite her efforts, she didn't inherit anything from her. 

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When OP asked her sister to share what she inherited, she refused, saying sharing the money would mean disrespecting her grandmother's wishes. 

While OP's sister believed she was the "chosen one," other people in her family had decided to boycott her. They felt if they invited her to family events, she would only brag about her wealth. OP added:

"Everyone in the family agreed that all the family inheritance from now on should be split equally so this kind of situation will not happen again."

OP's family agreed to split the inheritance equally next time | Source: Unsplash


Recently, OP's sister called her and asked why the rest of the family hadn't talked to her in two years. She couldn't handle the truth when OP told her what was happening. OP revealed:

"I explained the situation and she called me a jealous [expletive] and a bad person for not respecting the will of the dead"

When OP's sister said she was neither morally nor legally obliged to share the wealth with her, she hung up on her. After the call, OP thought about the things her grandmother had done. 

OP thought about her grandmother's actions towards the family. | Source: Pexels


She confessed that her grandmother never helped her family when they were in need. She never hired anyone from the family to work for her, even when her employees weren't performing well. OP recalled:

"She stated that we should find our own path. She also expexted that we should help her because she is old."

Thinking about her grandmother made OP question herself, so she posted her story on Reddit, asking other people if it was wrong to feel sad because her sister had refused to share the wealth. 

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pineboxwaiting found it weird that OP's sister took two years to realize that her family wasn't talking to her. The Redditor also told OP that she could do nothing about the money because her sister had the right to keep everything to herself. The reader added:

"It’s weird that the rest of you made a pact about your own wills - I have a huge family, and we’re not leaving our assets to our siblings."

OP's sister took two years to realize no one was talking to her | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, fefvrisketa assured OP that she wasn't at fault for feeling sad and that her sister could have shared the money with her family members, adding:

"I hope you end up walking your path to happiness."

Most Redditors agreed OP's feelings were valid. However, they also said she couldn't do anything because her sister had the right to choose who she wanted to share her money with. 

OP's sister had the right to choose who she wanted to share her money with | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's family was overreacting? 

OP's family had decided to boycott her sister after she inherited everything from her grandmother. Some people might think OP's family was overreacting and could have let it go instead of making a huge deal out of it. How would you react if you were one of the family members who didn't get an inheritance?

Do you think OP's grandmother was at fault?

OP's grandmother opted to distribute her wealth equally, creating a rift in the family. It's unclear why she did this, though many would say it is her right to give her money to whomever she wishes. What are your thoughts on the grandmother's decision?


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