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Rich Man Calls Cops on Homeless Sleeping on His Street, Daughter Learns This and Quickly Leaves — Story of the Day

Karabo Baloyi
Mar 01, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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Hank was one of the wealthiest men in the city. His penthouse was worth millions, and he lived a lavish lifestyle. He was so mean that when he saw homeless people sleeping outside his penthouse building, he called the police on them. But his daughter couldn't stand it.


When Hank Stiller took over his family's business, he became wealthy. He owned several factories and was also in the property business. He was outgoing, lived a flashy lifestyle, and wanted to be the center of attention everywhere he went.

His daughter Pam was different from him. She preferred to keep to herself, but she had a very kind soul. She recommended that her father donate some of his money to charities, but he always refused. “I worked hard for my money; everyone else should too,” he said.

Hank Stiller was a wealthy man who refused to allow poor people to sleep outside his penthouse building. | Source: Shutterstock


“But you became wealthy through your parents; you didn’t start the business,” she challenged.

“I don’t care; I sustained the business, so I deserve to enjoy my money without me having to share it with anyone else,” Hank growled.

Despite his refusal to donate some of his wealth, Pam believed her father had a good heart. She hoped that he would one day change his mind about giving money to less fortunate people. She came up with an idea to help him change his mind.

The following day, Pam told her dad she would visit some friends. But while on her way, she asked her driver to drive her to where some homeless people lived so she could speak to them. This request didn’t surprise her driver, who was used to Pam’s requests to visit or donate to homeless people without her father’s knowledge.


Pam asked her driver to take her to where the homeless people in town usually slept. | Source: Pexels

Most of the homeless people were happy to see her when she arrived. “Hi everyone, I have a favor to ask of you. I want to change my father’s mind towards the homeless, and I need your help,” she said.


“You’ve been so good to us; how can we help?” a man said.

“I want to make my father see the importance of donating to less fortunate people, so I’d like you to sleep outside his penthouse building tonight," Pam explained.

Everyone eagerly listened as she told them her plan. Most of them agreed to help, but one lady was unsure. “What if your father tries to hurt us?” she asked. Pam hadn’t thought of this, so she promised she would protect them and rushed to the police station to speak to the policeman her father trusted.

One of the homeless ladies were concerned about their safety when they heard Pam's plan. | Source: Pixabay


Later that evening, Hank was relaxing in his penthouse, looking out of his balcony and inhaling the night's air. He was startled when he looked down and saw a group of people sleeping near the heat vents on the street outside his building. He wondered why they would choose to rest near his building, so he went down chase them away.

“Get out of here! I don’t want to see homeless people outside my building!” he shouted as he ran towards them. Although they were scared, they believed Pam wouldn’t let them down. So instead of running away, they remained on the street.

Hank called his trusted policeman. “Tim, there are homeless people outside my building; you need to come and get rid of them,” he said.


Tim came rushing and kindly asked the homeless people to leave. Since they knew that he was in on Pam’s plan, they didn’t resist and quietly walked away. Tim stepped back into the penthouse to calm Hank down and offer him some advice.

“They have left, but they will be back,” Tim said.

“Then you need to come back and chase them away again,” Hank said.

“I can’t do that; if they’re not breaking any law, I can’t repeatedly chase them away. I also can’t station a police officer here because they don’t pose any threat to you,” Tim explained.

The policeman calmly spoke to the homeless people who were sleeping outside Hank's penthouse. | Source: Pixabay


While Hank listened to the policeman, he noticed the homeless people return and sleep outside his building again. Feeling defeated and curious, he called his daughter to relay to her what was happening outside their building. He hoped she would help him chase the homeless people away.

“Dad, you know I’m not going to do that,” Pam said. “If I were ever in need, I hope that God would send a kind person to help me.”

“You won’t ever need help. We’re rich!” Hank said.

“But life is unpredictable; just because we're rich now, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever,” she said. “And there are things that money can’t buy, such as people’s kindness towards you when you need it the most.” At that, Pam walked out and dished hot soup and tea for the people outside their building.


Pam served soup and tea to the people her father tried to chase away. | Source: Pixabay

When Hank saw what she was doing, he thought of what she said to him. He felt ashamed for how arrogant he had been all his life. While watching her converse and laugh with the people outside, the policeman got ready to leave.


“I just have one more thing to ask you about this,” he said. “What if it were you sitting outside in the cold needing anyone to show you generosity?”

Hank felt deeply ashamed. He walked outside to help Pam serve people meals, and he apologized for his behavior. “I realized today that I need to change my ways,” he said to them.

Hank decided to build a homeless shelter after he realized the importance of helping people. | Source: Pixabay


When they got back into their house, Hank apologized to Pam for not seeing her perspective. Moreover, he said, “I’ve decided to build a homeless shelter.” 

Pam was thrilled. She was excited that her plan worked and was grateful that her father finally changed his mind.

Hank later built a homeless shelter, which housed all the people Pam helped. They were grateful to have a place to sleep and were delighted that Hank had changed his ways.

So what can we learn from this story?

  • Kindness can be taught and learned. Hank had a change of heart after his daughter showed him the importance of helping people.
  • Helping people can transform lives. Hank's decision to build a homeless shelter changed the lives of the homeless people he met that night.

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