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9-Year-Old Scared of Eviction Writes a Secret Letter to Help Her Struggling Mom

Dayna Remus
Feb 28, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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One little girl was terrified for her mother and their livelihood. She decided to write a letter asking for help, but would anyone respond, and what would they say or do if they did? 


Many of us know the monthly stress of paying our bills and would be lying if we said that we hadn't found ourselves stuck in a cash corner at least once in our lives.

Painfully, in 2014, for one struggling single mother, Natalie Koltes, she wasn't able to fight herself out of this corner. She couldn't pay rent and faced possible eviction.

A part of Ariel’s letter [left]; Natalie Koltes [right]. | Source: Las Vegas



Sadly, and yet luckily for this mom, her 9-year-old girl Ariel who was living with her in the Las Vegas apartment, was more perceptive than she thought. 

Watching her mother pack and unpack their belongings, this bright young girl figured out what was happening, choosing to take action in the face of adversity.

Ariel smiling and holding a Hello Kitty plushie. | Source: Las Vegas



The 9-year-old girl secretly wrote a heartwrenching letter to Fox5 Surprise Squad of Las Vegas, Nevada, hoping they could maybe assist her and her mother. Ariel explained

"My mom is trying so hard to make ends meet. I don't want my mom to be under so much pressure."

She penned that she wants Koltes to know that she is not alone in her struggle. Ariel then pleaded with them to help with the rent. 

Ariel when she was younger. | Source: Las Vegas



To her and her mother's utter surprise, they got a response -- with Koltes more in shock as she had no idea about the letter. 

Visiting their apartment, the Surprise Squad had them both in tears as they let the duo know they would be paying not only that month but next month's rent too.

Furthermore, they disclosed they would provide them with a gift card to help them buy school supplies, as Ariel was meant to return soon. 

Natalie Koltes crying. | Source: Las Vegas



The squad also made arrangements with the local Boys and Girls Club and erased the fees for Ariel, who enjoyed going there. Commenting on her daughter's compassionate actions, Koltes expressed

"If it wasn't for my daughter, I wouldn't be alive, so she's my hero." 

Like Ariel, many children are much more observant than they may seem and have the unexpected capacity to make significant changes and decisions if given a chance. 

Ariel crying. | Source: Las Vegas



Ariel is not the only little girl who put the power of letters to the test, and she also isn't the only one to get an answer that changed her life as a result. A young girl, Elizabeth had lost her younger sister to an adoption. 

She was happy, as the adoption would lead to a better life for her little sibling Emily, but worried they would never see each other again. Either way, she chose to thank her sister's adoptive parents, Nanette and Vern, via a letter. 

This duo had no idea their little girl had an older sister until they received this letter, six months after taking Emily home from the orphanage. Moved by the words, they chose to adopt Elizabeth too. 

If you had one chance to write one letter that would positively impact anyone's life, whether big or small, what would it say?