'Our Families Thought We Were Crazy': Interabled Couple Share Their Love in Spite of Critics

Dayna Remus
Mar 02, 2022
09:40 P.M.

Cortney Comstock and her husband Kyle have built up a beautiful partnership, but some refuse to see the artistry due to nothing but pointless bias -- Something the powerful pair do not take lying down.


While it feels as if the world is in chaos, the love of those around us can bring us comfort. Specifically, comfort undefined by the limitations that society has put on the many types of relationships that exist.

Comstock had already defied social expectations or beliefs when in 2018, she managed to find the love of her life on Tinder.

Cortney Comstock and Kyle [left]; Cortney Comstock and Kyle getting married [right]. | Source: instagram.com/cortney07

Cortney Comstock and Kyle [left]; Cortney Comstock and Kyle getting married [right]. | Source: instagram.com/cortney07


Following their mutual right swipes, their romance was a whirlwind. The duo's affair developed from a wonderful date to living together in a matter of months. The whispers concerning the two's relationship began, as Kyle recollected:

"Our families thought we were crazy, but we did it anyway."


By November of 2019, the two lovebirds had tied the knot, following their "I do's" with a honeymoon in the Golden State of California.



This loving wife has opened up about their interabled relationship, putting any criticisms or misconceptions to rest. She has explained that their partnership is not as challenging as many presume. Comstock said:

"We do everything a normal couple does, just a little bit differently. Many people think I am Kyle's caregiver, but he is actually super independent."

She shared a picture on Instagram illustrating this normalcy, with her husband walking one of their dogs from his wheelchair while, as Comstock states, she struggled to keep up with them.



Not only has Comstock opened up about their relationship, but she has also expanded on Kyle's disability and how it doesn't define his whole identity.

Kyle was born with spina bifida (L5-S1), a condition where the spine has not developed correctly. Although this evidently affects Kyle's life, there is more to him than his disability.

As his wife stated, he is a full-time worker also taking the time to help with his father's business; he has rescued two pets, loves camping in their trailer, and of course, is a phenomenal husband.



Although imperative, outside of any disability or talk of being an interabled couple, these two are seemingly just like any other married pair. Comstock proved this assumption in an Instagram post where she wrote:

"Marriage is hard but so worth it. Everyone says it's just a piece of paper, but that is so far away from the truth. It's a lot of work, but we wouldn't change a thing."


If this isn't relatable for those with permanent rings on their fingers, what is? Disability or not, to maintain a healthy relationship, couples will have to face numerous hurdles. But, we are more than positive that these two have the tools to take it all in their stride.



While the world looks and feels like it is slowly but surely becoming more inclusive, individuals still criticize what they don't understand.

Phillip Eling and Susan Eling are also in an interabled relationship, married in 2016. They posted a clip of their first dance online, excited to share their special day.

Shockingly, attacks came from all over the internet, with many claiming Susan was in it for the money and alleging that the relationship was fake.

Although devastated by these comments, Susan struck back, emphasizing that she loved him for who he was as a person.

Nevertheless, the comments kept coming in, and although it left the couple shattered, they managed to push through and preserve their beautiful partnership.

Discrimination against differently-abled people still rages on even though it is the 21st century -- something we can all tackle together if we want to enforce permanent change and transformation.

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