Interabled Couple Slams Critics Who Attack Their Love: 'His Disability Was Never a Problem'

Lois Oladejo
Jan 29, 2022
04:20 P.M.

Love is a beautiful experience but sometimes might be misunderstood by others. A couple who enjoyed a unique romance had to stand up for their love following tough remarks from critics.


Phillip Eling and Susan Eling met in 2016 when she worked at a facility that helped disabled people. Phillip suffered from a rare form of disability known as Bethlem Myopathy.

Muscular dystrophy affects his skeletal muscles and connective tissues. It makes it difficult for him to move since his muscles are weak and his joints are stiff. Susan had just come from Kenya a year before meeting her husband, Phillip.

Phillip Eling and his wife Susan Eling [left] Philip Eling and Susan Eling going for an outing [right] | Photo :  facebook.com/phillip.eling

Phillip Eling and his wife Susan Eling [left] Philip Eling and Susan Eling going for an outing [right] | Photo : facebook.com/phillip.eling

Things took a good turn for the couple, and soon, they tied the knot a year later. Their relationship made them both happy, and they were proud to flaunt it and Susan said Phillip's "disability was never a problem for me."

The excited lovebirds shared an adorable video of their first dance during their wedding, but surprisingly, they received a huge shock. Thousands of trolls attacked the couple, some going the extra mile of branding their relationship as false.


Some even suggested that Susan married Phillip for his money. The Facebook comments left the couple heartbroken, and Susan spoke up in defense of their marriage, adding that she married Phillip out of pure love.


Their clip received over 2 million views and about 8,000 comments. Many users questioned why Susan would marry a disabled man. According to Susan, some of the trolls said:

"I bet you wouldn't marry a disabled African man; you are only doing that to get into the papers and to stay in the country."


Phillip said the trolls would write that he had to be rich for Susan to have chosen him. Also, he added that there were several suggestions that she would murder him after becoming a citizen and take his money.

These comments made it difficult for Susan to sleep at night. Even at work, she was subjected to mockery and statements from her colleagues that made her uncomfortable. Some indirectly threw jokes at Phillip's looks, referring to him as "handsome."

Despite the harassment, the couple maintained that their relationship remains their priority, adding that they cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together happily.



Phillip's disease causes weakness in his fingers, wrists, elbows, and ankles; nonetheless, he has been identified with the most severe case of his condition in the Southern Hemisphere, necessitating the use of a wheelchair.

He has also faced numerous challenges in his daily life due to his poor physical health, but thanks to Susan, Phillip harbors hope and remains positive. He considers his wife to be his greatest miracle.


For years, Phillip thought his sickness meant he had a short life span and refused to be romantically involved. However, after realizing he had longevity, he decided to give love a chance, and luckily, it's working out fine for him.

A closely similar story is that of a popular school athlete who asked his schoolmate with a disability to prom. Ellie McCool never thought she'd be going to prom, let alone with a popular boy in school.

Despite the stigmatization attached to those with disabilities, in 2016, Brendan Ritchie asked Ellie to prom, and he did it in the most romantic way. Ellie is a fan of Iron Man, so Ritchie used a poster that read:

"Ellie, will you be my Iron Woman @ Prom? [sic]"

Of course, Ellie agreed. Who could've said no to that? The two admittedly had fun at the event. This just proves that, just like Phillip and Ellie, people with disabilities also deserve a chance at happiness.

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