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US Couple Awaits Twins via Surrogate, Hears They're Born Preemie & Sleep amid War Sounds in Ukraine

Dayna Remus
Mar 03, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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An American couple can do nothing but wait, beg and fight to the death for their vulnerable babies. Meanwhile, these newborns can't even defend themselves as the racket of war lies beyond the walls. 


As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, surrogate babies are stuck amidst the violent conflict; their parents from foreign countries are fighting to bring them home safely. 

Almost 100 families from Canada and the United States of America are facing this issue, according to ADONIS, an international surrogacy center.

Alex Spektor and his wife Irma Nuñez. | Source: facebook.com/today



Forty-six-year-old Alex Spektor and his wife, 48-year-old Irma Nuñez from Georgia, are among this statistic, terrified that they may never meet their newborn twins. 

Spektor has pleaded with American President Joe Biden to help solve the issue.

Katya, the surrogate mother, gave birth to Lenny and Moishe at 32 and a half weeks old, going into labor two months earlier than expected. 

Newborn and premature babies Lenny and Moishe. | Source: twitter.com/Today


While in an ambulance, the babies and the surrogate mother spent hours in traffic because of military vehicles. At this pointthe parents were already worried that the twins might not make it. 

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Alex Spektor. | Source: twitter.com/Today



Miraculously, they managed to survive, but the nightmare was not over. The twins were born at Adonis maternity hospital, located in Kyiv. 

While a cacophony of war sounds emanate outside the hospital walls, Lenny and Moishe somehow remain in dreamland. However, the preemies' safety is an ongoing concern.

Spektor and Nuñez are pushing for their babies to be transferred to a safer area, specifically to a hospital with a bomb shelter. Of course, the two hope they can eventually bring their twins home. 

One of the newborn and premature babies. | Source: twitter.com/Today



The evident risk of moving these little ones to another facility is that it is a conflict-ridden area. Beyond that, the parents can't find an ambulance to transport them because they are preemies. The father said:

"The fact that they are premature plays against us, right? So there's a conflict. They need to stay put [but] we need to take them out."

Meanwhile, the hospital is also struggling with decreasing staff numbers and a reduction in supplies, making an already dire situation even more worrisome.

One of the newborn and premature babies. | Source: twitter.com/Today



Spektor has pleaded with American President Joe Biden to help solve the issue and help these parents finally hold their babies in their arms. He expressed

"Just get our babies out, or, if that's not possible, at least to Lviv, somewhere westward, where they would be safe."

Beyond their appeal to political figures, this couple has also taken independent action, creating a GoFundMe page. So far, donations have exceeded $50,000. 

Alex Spektor and his wife Irma Nuñez. | Source: twitter.com/Today



Speaking about the reality of this situation, the fearful father stated that he was in complete disbelief. In his own words, Spektor stated

"It's unimaginable. It's impossible to wrap your mind around."

Hopefully, the sleepless nights will come to an end, and this desperate mother and father will be able to see their babies sooner rather than later. 

Alex Spektor and his wife Irma Nuñez. | Source: twitter.com/Today



Of course, as we all know, many families continue to break apart during this tragic crisis. One young boy, Mark Goncharuk, was shattered as he opened up about why his father stayed in Ukraine. 

With visible tears, Goncharuk, who had left his home in Kyiv to escape the invasion, explained that his dad had to stay behind to defend the country.

This comes as men between 18 and 60 have not been allowed to leave Ukraine to gather as many individuals as possible to safeguard the nation.

Families continue to flee from the ongoing violence, saying goodbye to one another for what could be the last time. Let's hope that the majority find their way back to one another in a time of renewed peace. 


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