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Couple Learns Adopted Son's Birth Mom Is Pregnant, So They Adopt Her Baby Too

Dayna Remus
Mar 04, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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Parents with two cute children had their hands full when contacted by an adoption agency. They had no idea what to do until their adopted son made it crystal clear what the right decision was. 


A couple from Utah, Joseph and Shanna Weight, adopted a baby Milo in 2014 after almost ten years of marriage via the organization A Act of Love Adoptions. 

With the fear of him having the same childhood experience she had, Milo's biological mother thought her newborn would have a better life if another family raised him. 

Milo, Nash and Onni [left]; Joseph and Shanna Weight with Milo, Nash and Onni in a courtroom [right]. | Source: facebook.com/shanna.blackburnweight



The adoptive mom Shanna, and her husband, chose to adopt because of the unhealthy relationship she had with her figure. The mother explained

"I'm a former dancer, and I had a lot of body image issues that made pregnancy impossible for me at that time."

The parents said that Milo was such an easy baby to look after that he inspired them to have another child. This time they chose to go the biological route. Shanna eventually gave birth to Milo's younger and energetic brother Nash.

Milo and Nash. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition



In 2019, with Milo at five years old and Nash at two years old, the couple had a lot on their plate. But, they received an unexpected call from the same adoption agency they adopted Milo from, proposing that they take on more. 

An Act of Love Adoptions explained that Milo's biological mom had recently given birth to a baby girl. The agency asked if they were interested in adopting this child, who was evidently Milo's sister. 


The mother of two was utterly torn on the issue, initially feeling like she and the rest of the family was not ready for another kid

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After a while, Shanna slowly warmed up to the idea, but it was none other than big brother Milo who made the final decision. Joseph recalled

"I [told Milo], 'Your birth mom is pregnant,' and he started jumping up and down...He pointed his finger right in my face and said, 'We're bringing home that baby.'"

This affirmation sealed the deal, and the couple took the baby home. Onni was only three months old -- a gentle and serene soul, according to her loving parents. 



MiloJoseph said, is infatuated with his little sister and always loves to put a smile on her face. Speaking about their parenting journey in general, Shanna stated

"All my kids came to me in the way that they needed to come to me for me to learn the lessons I needed to learn in my life."

Any individual, in this case, an adorable child, can come into our lives out of nowhere and unexpectedly, turning our world around in the most beautiful of ways. 



The adoption and foster system have an unfortunate penchant for splitting siblings apart, but, of course, they attempt to avoid this. An Act of Love Adoptions, along with Joseph and Shanna, is just one example. 

Kristina M Ward and her husband took on this challenge, laboring about adopting three kids from West Africa who faced being separated.


The couple persevered even though they already had three children, went through complications with money as well as paperwork, and faced the grueling overseas adoption process.

Eventually, the adoption went through, and they welcomed these three children into their family. These systems have many flaws, but sometimes, they get it right, and kids, along with their brothers and sisters, find a real place to call home.