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Tom Cruise Was One of Cher's ‘Top Five’ Lovers Yet She Found It Hard ‘To Look at This Person’ Later

Stephen Thompson
Mar 04, 2022
10:20 A.M.
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Tom Cruise and the "Goddess of Pop," Cher were lovers, only for a short while. However, their time together was worthwhile as Cher revealed that Cruise was top five on her list of amazing lovers. Find out more.


American actor and producer Tom Cruise has enjoyed a fantastic career in the entertainment industry that has spanned decades.

The Hollywood star has featured in many A-list movies, including "Mission: Impossible," and has earned several awards and honors like three Golden Globe Awards, three Academy Awards nominations, and a British Academy Film Awards nomination. 

Picture of "Mission: Impossible" actor Tom Cruise [left]. Singer Cher and Actor Tom Cruise [right] | Source: Getty Images


Despite all of Cruise's accomplishments, his career is not the only thing that has put him in the news. The actor has made the headlines several times due to his involvement with women. Cruise has been married thrice in his lifetime and has been involved in other relationships. 

One romance that got people talking was his relationship with American singer and actress Cher. Here are some details regarding the short-lived romance between the television icons. 

Cher performs on NBC's "Today Show" on September 23, 2013 | Soure: Getty Images



In a September 2018 tell-all interview with Daily Mail, Cher shared details about her romance with a young Tom Cruise. The "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again" star revealed to the outlet that they bonded initially thanks to a condition they both share; dyslexia.

They first met in 1985 at Sean Penn and Madonna's wedding in Malibu, but it was not love at first sight. Cher and Cruise became interested in each other when they met for the second time in the White House. The former lovers were invited to an event about the reading disorder.


Cher donned a gray and black gabardine with an Haute pink goddess hairstyle for the occasion. On the other hand, Cruise wore a 1920s gangster suit with his hair styled adequately with grease. 

The "Goddess of Pop" revealed that there was a connection when they met; however, it was not until later that year they started dating.



When Cher and Cruise met and dated, their age difference stirred up many public reactions. The award-winning singer was 38 while her lover was only 22. 

Despite the age gap, the pair established a common ground and enjoyed a short romance. During interviews, Cher always spoke highly of the actor.


In 2013, she was a guest on the "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" show, where she made a surprising revelation. Cohen asked the singer where Cruise ranked on her list of great lovers, and Cher replied that he was amongst the "top five."

Not long after their relationship ended, Cher announced that she would release a memoir titled "Honest," where she would be candid about her relationship with the movie producer. 


While several fans were excited about the announcement, Cruise was allegedly unhappy. A source told Daily Mirror that Cher and Cruise's relationship seemed like a touchy subject for the latter. 

On the other hand, it was not a touchy subject for the singer, as she had been open about their relationship, severally. Speaking about the book, Cher explained that she had a lot to spill, adding that writing a memoir was easier than doing a play. 


The entertainer also mentioned that she would be courageous and determined because she had to be honest. Whether or not the memoir has been published remains unknown.

Cruise is not the only "Top Gun" star Cher has dated. In 1982, she began a relationship with Cruise's co-star Val Kilmer. The pair's romance lasted only two years before it ended. Even though all of Cher's relationships have ended, she still keeps in touch with her ex-lovers.

Cher and Val Kilmer in London on March 25, 1984 | Photo: Getty Images



To date, many are aware that Cher and Cruise dated, but they remain oblivious to the reason behind her break up. During an interview, Cher disclosed that she and Cruise split due to conflicting schedules. Cruise had landed a role in "The Color of Money" and needed to begin filming in Chicago.

Unfortunately, Cher could not go. At that point, the actress decided to end the relationship. A few years later, Cher revealed that dating young Cruise aligned with her tenet on men. According to the star, a man is like a dessert — absolutely not a necessity.


After the pair broke up, Cruise tied the knot with Mimi Rogers. The couple stayed married for three years before calling it quits in 1990. That same year, he wed Nicole Kidman, but they divorced after 11 years.

Cruise's third marriage was with Katie Holmes in 2006. The union was often a topic of discussion for many, and Cher was not an exception. 

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on February 26, 2012 in West Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images


For a man private about his relationship with Cher, the actress was confused about how Cruise was open about his marriage and how he approached it differently. The singer told Entertainment Tonight that when she dated Cruise, he was a very private person. 

Cher said she loved him but seeing the actor discussing his marriage on Oprah Winfrey's Show was rather difficult and surprising. Nevertheless, there was little or nothing to be done about Cruise's choice to be open. His marriage to Holmes ended in 2012.


While Cruise enjoyed three marriages, Cher never married. Currently, the actress is believed to be single. She told Event that she was still on the lookout for a man. According to Cher, the problem with having boyfriends is that she does not want to go anywhere with them. 

Cher believes that she can't keep a relationship going, where everything that happens or every picture taken is shared on Instagram. To the actress, the romance cannot be special. Whatever Cher's choices and decisions are, her fans are hopeful that she will find love again and live happily one day.