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Lost Boy Finds Shelter in Abandoned House in the Forest, Notices Hidden Hatch Inside – Story of the Day

Karabo Baloyi
Mar 15, 2022
01:20 P.M.
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Arthur was a teenage boy being raised by a single father. They were very close and often went on fishing adventures together. Fishing was their favorite activity together. But after Arthur got lost on one of their fishing adventures, he discovered more than just his way home.


14-year-old Arthur grew up very close with his dad, Mike. It was only the two of them at home, so they spent a lot together. Arthur's mom died while he was a baby and his father was the only family he knew. They struggled financially but found ways to have fun without spending too much money.

Their favorite activity was fishing. They often explored new lakes to fish from and would spend the whole day patiently waiting to catch some fish and hopefully have enough food for a few more days. The pair drove five hours to find a new lake to fish from one day. When they found one, they settled in and began their fishing day. 

Arthur was on a long walk in the forest when he became lost | Source: Getty Images


"Dad, I enjoy spending these quiet fishing days with you," Arthur said.

"Thanks, son. I know it's not easy for you to come fishing with me when your friends are out at the mall or playing video games," his father replied. 

"I know you sacrifice a lot for me too, so a few days spent fishing with you is a lot more fun than you think," Arthur laughed.

While they were spending time together, Arthur decided to take a break and explore the forest near the lake. He enjoyed taking long walks by himself during the fishing trips, so Mike didn't mind losing sight of him for a little while. An hour into his walk, Arthur realized he was lost. He didn't notice the path he took while walking and couldn't find his way out of the forest.


"Dad! Dad, can you hear me?" Arthur shouted.

Arthur was taking a long walk in the forest when he realized he may have been lost | Source: Pexels

His father couldn't hear him, and he wasn't worried about him yet because Arthur would spend hours walking by himself. While wandering the forest, trying to find his way out, Arthur saw a tiny old cottage. It was in terrible shape and looked abandoned for years. 


Arthur approached the house, hoping that someone would be nearby to help him get back to his dad. When he walked into the house, he saw that lines had been carved into the wall. When he looked more closely, he noticed that the lines were a calendar of some sort. 14 marks on the wall signaled that the last person in the house was there for 14 days.

Suddenly, Arthur felt the floor buckle under his feet. He jumped up and slowly moved the loose wooden planks. Under the planks lay a hatch. When he opened it, he saw a note that read: 

"My name is Kira. I'm 17 years old. My boyfriend Kevin found his grandfather's will. According to him, his grandfather buried his wealth 37 years ago. We found it but got lost. He left me in this house with the food and water supply we had while he sought help. He told me to wait 14 days, and if he didn't come, then to seek help myself. I hope I will return. If not, take care of my mom."


Arthur walked through the abandoned house and came across a note he read | Source: Pexels

Arthur didn't know what to do with the note, so he placed it in his pocket and walked through the hatch. Laying on the ground was a box. When he opened it, he saw a lot of gold jewelry and bundles of cash. Suddenly, he heard his father calling out to him. He felt so relieved as he called him towards the abandoned house.


"Where have you been? You scared me half to death!" Mike shouted.

"I'm sorry I got lost, and while I was trying to find you, I found this house and this note," Arthur said.

He showed his father the gold and money he found in the box. Mike was shocked. He reread the note and noticed an address at the back of the message. "It might be this girl's mother's house; we need to find it and give them this box," Mike said. The pair put the box in the trunk and drove to the address, hoping to find its owner.

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When They arrived at the address, they introduced themselves to Kira's mom and explained the note and box they found. Kira's mom started crying. "She's been missing for eight years. I looked everywhere for her but never found her."

Mike offered to give her the box, but Kira's mother refused. "If you hadn't brought it, I wouldn't know anything about it. Keep it for yourself," she said as she closed the door. 

On the way home, Arthur came up with an idea. "How about we use the money to renovate her house and send her food, then she won't be able to refuse the money," he said.

"Son, I'm so proud of you; you are growing up into such a kind young man," Mike replied. 


Arthur and his father renovated Kira's mom's house out of the kindness of their hearts | Source: Shutterstock

The following weekend, Mike and Arthur pitched their idea to Kira's mom, who reluctantly agreed to let them renovate. "I've been widowed for years, so it's nice to have someone offer to fix up this house," she said. Arthur and Mike renovated her house over a few months and constantly sent her food, so she didn't worry about groceries. 


Their kindness struck Kira's mom that she offered to pay for Arthur's studies. "I will gladly leave my assets to Arthur so that he doesn't have to struggle as he grows up," she said to Arthur's dad. Mike was highly honored by the offer. He could spend his life with less stress because he knew Arthur's education would be taken care of and that he wouldn't suffer as he did. 

What can we learn from this story?

  • Close relationships between parents and children can lead to children teaching their parents new lessons. Mike realized that Arthur had grown into a compassionate young man through the sincere conversation about Kira's mom.
  • Kindness can lead to excellent results for ourselves. Mike and Arthur were kind when they offered to renovate Kira's mom's house. Their heart led to a better education for Arthur in the future.

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