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Groom in Tears after Bride Translates Her Vows into Sign Language for His Deaf Parents

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 11, 2022
07:40 P.M.
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A bride surprised everyone with a heartwarming gesture meant for the groom's parents on her big day. Everyone appreciated her thoughtfulness, including the groom, his parents, the guests, and netizens from far and wide. 


Marriage is often seen as an essential rite of passage. It's a beautiful phenomenon where two people vow to love, protect, and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. But, there's more to this sweet union than what meets the eye. 

Weddings might end up bringing strangers together, forging profound familial connections. The story we're sharing today embodies a similar context, honoring the sacred institution of love, marriage, and family. 

[Left] A teary-eyed Michael; [Right] Kelsey lovingly gazes at her husband on their wedding day. | Source: Morning America



Kelsey and Michael Kulick from Boaz, Alabama, were irrevocably and unequivocally in love and decided to put a ring on it. As is often the case, the couple was keen to meet each other's family and friends and blend in as much as possible. 

When they got engaged, Kelsey thought of an epic idea and discussed it with her fiancé. When Michael learned about his fiancée's heartfelt intentions, he was deeply moved and knew he had chosen the perfect partner for himself. 

So, what impacted Michael so much that he couldn't help but appreciate his wife-to-be? Was it a memorable wedding present Kelsey had mainly picked for her future husband or something far more exciting and intimate? 


Kelsey and Michael Kulick. | Source: Morning America


It turned out Kelsey, 23, suggested she would like to sign her wedding vows. But why did she come up with such an intriguing idea? She wished to honor someone extraordinary in Michael's life and knew the gesture would mean the world to them. 


Like Kelsey, a five-year-old girl warmed millions of hearts when she signed during her holiday concert so her deaf parents could fathom the Christmas carols.

However, Kelsey was anxious she might sign something wrong and offend someone rather than make them happy. Still, Michael supported her idea and assured her the people it was meant for would love it. 

Kelsey and Michael Kulick on their wedding day. | Source: Morning America



Time went by, and Kelsey never mentioned the idea again, and Michael forgot all about it by their wedding day almost 11 months later. What he didn't know was that his fiancée had secretly worked on the plan and even enlisted someone's help. 

Kelsey asked Michael's Aunt Christy, who was fluent in sign language and whose husband was deaf, to record the signed wedding vows, so she could learn them by modeling the exact gestures. 

She used Christy's video, learned to sign her vows, and kept it a secret from everyone except the wedding videographer Chandler Smith and pastor Harvey. 


Kelsey and Michael Kulick on their wedding day. | Source: Morning America


On November 13, 2021, the couple tied the knot at the Gore Creek Wedding Venue in Boaz, Alabama, surrounded by their loved ones. Kelsey baffled everyone on her big day when she signed her vows for Michael's deaf parents, Paul and Gina. 


The momentous occasion came as a surprise to Michael, his parents, and guests. Everyone, including the groom, was reduced to tears as Kelsey meticulously signed each wedding vow. 

A teary-eyed Michael couldn't help his emotions as he realized his gorgeous bride had done it just for his deaf family members. Smith captured the heart-touching footage and later shared it online, and it quickly became a viral sensation. 

Michael and Kelsey pictured with the Kulick family. | Source: Morning America



When she returned from her honeymoon, Kelsey revealed that she was shocked to see the video garnering millions of views and likes. She also stated that she had signed her vows to honor Michael's parents and their way of communicating. Further, she added:

“Looking into the future, I definitely want to be fluent because I want to be able to communicate with my family but also, I want my kids to be able to communicate with them. I want our family as a whole to be able to communicate without any barriers.” 

The young bride shared she was very nervous and had practiced multiple times to perfect the act before walking down the aisle. Kelsey added that once she began signing, it all came naturally, and her husband's reaction encouraged her to keep going.


Michael expressed that other than marrying the love of his life, seeing Kelsey sign the vows was one of the most memorable moments of their wedding. What a beautiful way to honor and respect your partner and his family! Kelsey indeed has a heart of gold. 

Like Kelsey, a five-year-old girl warmed millions of hearts when she signed during her holiday concert so her deaf parents could fathom the Christmas carols. You can read more on this story by clicking here.