Disabled Sister Takes Care of 7 Siblings after Their Mom's Death, People Unite to Reward Her

Dayna Remus
Mar 13, 2022
11:20 P.M.
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Kenzie Feltner tried to remain calm, but overwhelm was more than likely with a hoard of screaming little ones to raise. Luckily, many were willing to help, surprising her with a gift that left her shocked to the core.


Twenty-one-year-old Kenzie Feltner from the Buckeye State has her hands full with seven younger siblings. She must ensure they go to bed on time, do their homework, and more.

Going solo on this monstrous mission is a challenging task for anyone. When it comes to Feltner, her duties towards her brothers and sisters are more complex because of her disability. 

Kenzie Feltner and her seven younger siblings. | Source:



A rare condition called spina bifida plagues Feltner. As her spinal cord did not develop correctly, it, in turn, affected her motor skills. This makes body movements, such as walking, difficult. 

Her father also suffers from a crippling condition after a car crash. Travis cannot work and has problems with his memory due to a severe brain injury from the accident. 

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While both daughter and father struggled with these disabilities until the near end of 2021, the wife and mom was perfectly fine. She was able to take on most of the tasks. Until one day that is, as Travis recollected

"One night, she fell on the floor, and I went to see what was going on. I pick her up and put her on the couch, and she goes, 'Call 911.'"

After a fortnight of wrestling, what turned out to be COVID-19, Amber passed away. She had passed the torch on to her eldest daughter. 



Feltner was more than ready to embody her mother's lessons of positivity and raise her multiple siblings. But, she needed a car to do so.

The love from everyone didn't stop there.

Specifically, this oldest sibling required a vehicle with hand controls to drive despite her spina bifida. Finding this means of transport was impossible -- or so Feltner thought. 

Kenzie Feltner. | Source: 12



Unknown to Feltner, a local dance studio owner, Greg Insco, decided to hold a fundraiser for her. Gathering $7000.00 from the community, he finally bought her the car. Feltner expressed:

"It's cool. love it!"

The love from everyone didn't stop there. When her transmission went out, Jeff Wyler Nissan in Colerain Township gifted her a new one. 

Greg Insco. | Source: 12


Although she had experienced this beautiful moment of generosity, the young lady faced a traumatic death again. Her grandmother passed away in January of 2022.

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With the total monetary weight of the cremation on her, something Feltner would struggle with, she took a page out of Insco's book. Feltner started a fundraiser via GoFundMe, where she penned

 "Unfortunately, this is falling on to myself as well as the other kids. Anything helps and is very much appreciated."

So far, the donations stand at $250. Feltner's resilient decision to take such a proactive step in the face of another hardship shows how her late mother's lesson of positivity continues to shine through her. 


A vehicle most likely has made life easier for Feltner. She is, of course, not the only one who needed a car, with many struggling to find transport to do basic errands.

One dedicated teacher had to take numerous buses to get to work and back every day. But, one of her student's moms refused to allow this to go on. Courtney Adeleye surprised the educator with a vehicle. 


The educator was immediately overcome with emotion as she spotted the new car and realized it was for her. She was in complete disbelief giving Adeleye huge hugs.

If you have a car, open the window and let the wind blow back your hair the next time you're driving. This is a reminder of the freedom and privilege a vehicle brings and the gratitude individuals should have for having a car. 


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