Man Performs CPR to Homeless Woman, Days Later He Wakes Up a Millionaire — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Mar 14, 2022
12:00 A.M.

A professor saves a homeless woman's life by performing CPR on her and receives an extraordinary reward in return for his act of kindness.


It had been a usual sunny morning in Florida when Professor Oliver Moore was at the bus stop, waiting for his ride to arrive. He was checking his watch frantically and was flipping the pages of his notes, as he did every morning before his class.

Only 10 minutes after his waiting, a bus announced its arrival. Professor Moore waited for everyone, especially the women and elders, to board the bus to avoid the bustling of bodies and then made his way inside.

Once on the bus, he received a warm greeting from the driver, Peter Jenkins, who was often assigned on the morning shifts by his agency.

Professor Moore saved a homeless woman's life. | Source: Shutterstock

Professor Moore saved a homeless woman's life. | Source: Shutterstock

"Good morning, Professor! You, uh, reading about those chemicals again?" he asked, looking at the notebook Professor Moore was holding.


"Good day, Peter!" Professor Moore replied with a smile. "Ugh yeah, I was checking a few notes before the class. You doing well?"

"All good, Prof! Come on in, fast! If I'm late, my boss will kill me!" Peter said as he gained control of the wheel, preparing to depart.

Professor Moore settled on one of the seats at the back and continued revising his notes. He was a chemistry professor at Hawking University in Florida, but Peter didn't really understand that chemistry was not just about chemicals! So every morning when he saw Professor Moore reading his notes, he thought the professor was reading about chemicals…

Around 15 minutes later, the first stop of the day arrived. As some passengers disembarked, several others boarded, and it was amongst the new passengers that Professor Moore noticed a homeless woman. She was carrying a placard and a few other things and was dressed shabbily – something that the passengers weren't particularly pleased about.

Professor Moore was a kind hearted man. | Source: Pexels

Professor Moore was a kind hearted man. | Source: Pexels


Some sneered at her for being homeless, while others began lashing out at her to get down. "How did a stinky bag like you even get the money to afford the ticket? My goodness, she reeks of garbage meat! Get away from me," an older woman complained, holding her nose.

The woman felt terrible, and her eyes welled up. "I'm - I'm not well. Can you please…."

"Of course, you are not well!" The older lady shot back. "You look disgusting from head to toe! What makes you think you can travel with us, huh?"

"Look, ma'am…" The woman barely began speaking when she felt disoriented and clutched a seating corner.

Professor Moore noticed the woman seemed ill, so he approached her. "Hey, it's okay. Let me help you," he said and reached out his hand for her to hold. She thanked him with a faint smile and was about to take his hand when she suddenly collapsed.

Some passengers on the bus were enraged to see the homeless woman. | Source: Pexels

Some passengers on the bus were enraged to see the homeless woman. | Source: Pexels


"Oh no!" Professor Moore held her before she collapsed on the floor and tried to stir her up, but there was no point. She wasn't waking up, and he noticed her breathing was gradually dropping. "Stop the bus now!" he called out to Peter. "And call 911! This woman's getting a heart attack!"

Peter applied the brakes immediately, and as the bus stopped, Professor Moore got off the bus, carrying the woman in his arms. He laid her on the pavement and brought his mouth closer to hers to perform CPR.

"Yuck!" someone snapped at him. "You're kissing a homeless bum?"

"I swear, I would never do that!" another voice told him. But Professor Moore didn't care about them and began the mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions on the woman.

At one point, she opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Thank - Thank you…" she said.

Fortunately, the paramedics arrived on the scene by then, and the woman was carried to the hospital. Professor Moore gave his contact to one of the doctors and said, "Let me know if she needs any help."

The woman was rushed to a hospital. | Source: Pexels

The woman was rushed to a hospital. | Source: Pexels


Two days later, he received a message from his bank, stating that his account had been credited with one million dollars! At first, he assumed it was a hoax, but his jaw dropped when he checked his account balance. It was real! He was a millionaire!

"Holy Jesus!" he thought to himself.

Suddenly, his phone rang, and an unknown number flashed across the screen.

"Hello? Am I speaking to Mr. Oliver Moore?" the voice on the other end of the line asked him when he answered the call.


"Good morning, Mr. Moore. This is Andrew Lester. Thanks for helping my wife yesterday…she, uh, was on the bus, and...I just found out that you saved her life by performing CPR."

"Your wife? I'm sorry, I don't understand. Why would you just leave her on the streets then? Can't you…."

"Actually, Prof, would you mind meeting at the hospital? I'd like to speak with you in person about something. I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about it like this on a phone call. I'll send you the address."

Professor Moore received call from an unknown number. | Source: Pexels

Professor Moore received call from an unknown number. | Source: Pexels


"Umm, okay. I'll see you there," Professor Moore replied and hung up.

At this point, he had entirely forgotten about the millions and was perplexed as to why the woman was homeless while her husband was there to care for her. Were they separated? Had she run away from him?

He quickly hired a cab and proceeded to the hospital to meet Andrew Lester. As he approached the reception desk, a man in a tuxedo greeted him. "Professor Moore! Andrew Lester. I called you this morning," he said, extending his hand for a shake.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Lester. So what was it that you wanted to talk about?" Professor Moore asked, shaking hands with him.

"Actually," he sighed. "My wife is not in good mental health. She'd run away from me a month before, and I'd done everything I could to find her, but there was no sign of her. I received a call from the hospital yesterday after the hospital authorities discovered my business card in her stuff. I have to say, Mr. Moore, I can't thank you enough! I'm a businessman by profession, and I even set aside a million dollars for anyone who could help me find my wife, and I'm so grateful you did. Her name is Cindy - Cindy Lester."

Professor Moore met the homeless woman's husband. | Source: Pexels

Professor Moore met the homeless woman's husband. | Source: Pexels


When Andrew clarified everything, it all started making sense to Professor Moore. So that's how the million dollars ended up in the account! He pondered.

"But Mr. Lester," he said. "I really can't take that money from you. I had no idea you'd transferred it. Please. I feel it was my duty to help her. I lost my wife years ago in a terrible car crash. She was pregnant with our child then. I felt awful that I could do nothing to save her. But I'm happy I could help you reunite with your wife."

"I insist that you don't return the money to me, Mr. Moore. You've earned it! After all, you did help me in finding my wife."

When Andrew kept insisting, Professor Moore couldn't refuse him. He decided to keep the money, but he used some portion of it for charity and some for a project that would save the lives of several people – particularly the impoverished and homeless – by providing medical services at a low cost.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Always help others in need. Not like the nasty passengers on the bus who wanted to shoo away Cindy. Be like Professor Moore!
  • An act of kindness can change your life forever. Mr. Moore helped Cindy and ended up as a millionaire.

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This account is inspired by our reader's story and written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to actual names or locations is purely coincidental. All images are for illustration purposes only. Share your story with us; maybe it will change someone's life. If you would like to share your story, please send it to info@amomama.com.

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