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Jane Fonda Is Not ‘Dating Anymore’ After 3 Marriages – She Failed to Find ‘the Opposite of Her Father’

Olawale Ogunjimi
Mar 13, 2022
09:20 P.M.
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Former fashion model Jane Fonda has lived an accomplished lifestyle, including earning a truckload of awards for being an exceptional actress. At 84, she still turns heads but has chosen to remain single after three failed marriages – here is the shocking reason why.


Jane Fonda left the acting business for fifteen years, only to make a dramatic comeback in her 60s, and somehow she is still one of America's most compelling actresses. 

Even at 84, she has maintained her drop-dead gorgeous appearance and acting credibility. But, as expected, the former model who turns heads with her ageless beauty has had her love life under scrutiny. Like many celebrities, it involves a roller coaster ride of intrigues.

[left] Jane Fonda attends the 2019 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on November 11, 2019 in New York City. ; [Right] Jane Fonda and her husbands, Tom Hayden, Ted Turner and Roger Vadim | Photo: Getty Images


In 2017, Fonda, a three-time divorcee, separated from her younger lover, music producer, Richard Perry. Despite the duo's five-year age difference, they remained lovers for eight years.

Perry confirmed that they remained close friends even though their love had turned sour. Following the split, the former couple listed their luxurious Beverly Hills mansion, intending to live apart yet relating amicably.

Jane Fonda at the Sydney Opera House on August 27, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. | Source: Getty Images


The former couple had purchased the home in 2012 for $7.3 million and created many memories inside it. That same year, Fonda confessed that her time with Perry was exciting. According to her:

"The only thing I have never known is true intimacy with a man. I absolutely wanted to discover that before dying. It has happened with Richard. I feel totally secure with him."

Actress Jane Fonda and producer Richard Perry at The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center on February 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


After the end of a good relationship, Fonda admitted that she was done with romantic relationships at a red carpet event. The Hollywood power lady said:

"I'm not dating anymore, but I did up until a couple of years ago. I'm eighty, I've closed up the shop down there."

Years before the award-winning star's conviction of love, she was comfortable to test the waters and, in fact, married three times. See details about her love life so far.

Jane Fonda attends the Jane Fonda Master Class at the 10th Film Festival Lumiere on October 19, 2018 in Lyon, France | Source: Getty Images



In her book "My Life So Far," Fonda aimed at inspiring women while sharing her life experiences. She talked about life with her first husband, Roger Vadim, a movie producer.

Their story is somewhat peculiar as they married two times but divorced barely a decade later. However, Fonda found Vadim attractive at the beginning of their relationship. Their romance led to a marriage in the US in 1965.

American actress Jane Fonda with her first husband, the French film director Roger Vadim. | Getty Images


The actress left her hometown to join her first husband in France, but they wed a second time because, by law, their US marriage was invalid in the country.

A year later, their daughter, Vanessa Vadim, was born. The family resided in France until 1973, when the mother of one decided that it was time to walk away from her marriage.

Jane Fonda attends a benefit in support of workers' rights at The Riveter on October 9, 2018 | Source: Getty Images


In her book, Fonda revealed that her husband's demons (drinking and infidelity) tormented their marriage.

Yet, while he exhibited indiscipline, she struggled to make things work. Eventually, Fonda left with their young daughter, settling in the US and focusing on her career and motherhood.

Jane Fonda at the rehearsal before Le Defile L'Oreal Paris as part of Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2018 at Avenue Des Champs Elysees on October 1, 2017 | Source: Getty Images



Fonda's relationship with her second husband, Tom Hayden, was possible because of her likeness to activism. They had met at a downtown theater, but the sparks began to fly after the actress rendered an inspiring anti-war speech at a Vietnam war protest in 1972. 

Hayden, a seasoned activist, and the newbie became an item. The following year, the couple wedded. Their marriage happened three days before Fonda's divorce was finalized because they had hoped to start a family and did not want the media's criticism. 

Their son Troy Garity was born in July 1973, and they chose Fonda's mother's maiden name, "Garity," to avoid the stigma of his controversial parents.


Jane Fonda and her second husband Tom Hayden at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The China Syndrome" circa 1979 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

These two spent seventeen years as a couple before shocking the media with their divorce plans in 1989. The reason for her second failed marriage was synonymous with the first; Hayden was unfaithful and drank a lot.


He became resentful because his wife became the world's best-seller after her "Jane Fonda Workout" book was published. He felt she was all about vanity and did not merit such attention.

Despite their separation, the exes retained a professional relationship. They teamed up at the liberal grassroots organization "Campaign California" and continued to influence their environment through a proposition set for the ballot the next year.

Jane Fonda pictured at the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium, 2019, California. | Source: Getty Images.


Decades later, Fonda confessed that her second failed marriage led to a nervous breakdown. However, she fought through it by exercising and keeping an open mind to recovery. She added:

"It's in that painful, difficult place that the tendrils of new things begin to grow if you allow them to."

Jane Fonda poses during a conversation with Susan Lacy at the 92nd Street Y on September 21, 2018, in New York City | Source: Getty Images



It's safe to say that Fonda never gave up on love after two failed marriages. She was open after her divorce, and that was when CNN's Ted Turner reached out to her.

She journeyed to Montana not knowing what to expect, and Turner's intelligence and humility stole her heart. He picked her up in an old jeep, they enjoyed watching a bird— while Turner displayed his knowledge of the ave's nesting pattern, and the rest became history!

In 1991, the lovers tied the knot in an intimate wedding with thirty guests. The couple hosted friends and family in Turner's ranch near Capps., east of Tallahassee.


Jane Fonda and her third husband, Ted Turner circa 1990 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

The couple had a beautiful marriage, with Fonda influencing Turner's choices as a family man. They organized family reunions; the actress moved to Montana.


After spending a few years with him, she began visiting her daughter nursing a child in Atlanta. This led to spending less time with Turner.

Being away from home also made Fonda open to change. Turner was an agnostic, and they shared similar views until her Atlantic visits, where the actress found Christianity.

Jane Fonda as a young woman with reddish brown hair in the 60s. | Source: Getty Images


Fonda admitted that her faith upset Turner but excused the behavior by adding that he would have dissuaded her from becoming a Christian. She also explained:

"He needs someone to be there one hundred percent of the time. He thinks that's love. It is not love. It's babysitting. I didn't want to tell you this. We went in different directions. I grew up."

Another reason for their separation was Turner's continued infidelity. According to Fonda, she realized he had been unfaithful shortly after their marriage, but the pattern persisted.

Jane Fonda getting arrested for the "Fire Drill Friday" protests. | Source: Getty Images


Fonda's weight dropped drastically towards the end of their marriage, and its possible failure tormented her. Finally, however, in 2001, after it was finalized, the actress confessed that:

"I feel sadness. We shared 10 years together, and I will always care for him. Now it's time to move on, and I wish him well."

Jane Fonda at the opening ceremony and the "Grace of Monaco" premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2014, in France. | Source: Pascal Le Segretain/WireImage/Getty Images


Years after the divorce, Turner revealed that he feels emotionally adrift and sometimes has flagging energy. He now alternates between four lovers, spending at least one day with each of them.

On the other hand, the award-winning actress feels happy to have found her ground. She still cares for Turner and affirms that he is her "favorite ex-husband."

Vanessa Vadim, Jane Fonda, Simone Bent, and Troy Garity at the AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jane Fonda on June 5, 2014, in Hollywood, California. | Source: Michael Kovac/Getty Images



Last year, Fonda talked about her life now and how peaceful being single appears. She mentioned that facing her acting career and living a life of bliss alone is her newfound hobby.

Having been unable to succeed in a marriage or relationship, the retired dating actress confessed that she learned a lot from her former partners. Fonda also wished that she had had a successful marriage. Fonda's background affected her perspective on romance.

She grew up in a household with a fearless and blunt father, Peter Fonda, also a remarkable actor. In the end, she inherited his kind of heart. Her father was her earliest critic, and his love for thin women influenced her struggle with bulimia until she reached forty. 


Ultimately, the duo did not have a great relationship, as they held onto their individual ideas and never really agreed. However, before he died, they made peace.

Fonda explained that her father's behavior made her picky when dating. She craved someone different from her fearless dad but ended up with men who found difficulty showing intimacy.

She agreed that whatever partner she dated in the past with a strong personality gave her a hard time. After three failed marriages, Fonda established that she is stronger than her dad or former partners, but emotional intimacy scares her.